Friday, October 12, 2012

Misandry? Not half!

When Danny asked me to write a post on 'misandry in the media', I said to him 'you don't half give a girl a herculean task, do you, mate!'

I tbelieved it would be very difficult.
Turns out I was right.
But not for the usual reasons.

There are millions of examples of what I have now come to accept as 'misandry' everywhere around me. You all and I know the score.
It is really quite astonishing that it has come to this.

Life in general has taken on this seemingly 'female-friendly' allure.
Unfortunately, it is actually far from female-friendly. It is just pseudo-female-friendly. But some of us apparently don't know the difference...

We all (um, the Royal 'we' that is!) boarded this shiny new train so eagerly, the old ladies were being elbowed out the way.
But now that the train is at its final destination, we've turned all shy about getting out and going sightseeing in the pretty new city...

How did it come to this?

Anyhow, Danny himself knows more than me about misandry.
As do you all.
It won't be even remotely interesting for me to rehash all the examples we all know of.
TV, schools, films from Hollywood (but strangely not Bollywood or Nollywood), even the workplace and certainly the SMP.
Misandry everywhere if we open our eyes and see.

This article helps me make my point though.
The author of the article is however not the one who is displaying misandry.
She is merely reporting what she sees.
And she has clearly seen a lot.
And it sounds like she has had enough of it all...

And I shall behave myself and not go off on one regarding poor little William...

And I won't even allow myself to be distracted by a singer's use of the term 'idiot blokes' when referring to men...

I shall save my coolheadedness for a woman I have been thinking about for quite a while now.
Ever since she entered into my conscious zone a few months ago.

For a long, long time I couldn't really work out why I was always a little more than perturbed by the following video.
Then I realised it wasn't actually Sandra Fluke herself who bothers me. It was all that she represents that freaks me out.
Although I use her as an illustration, this post is not really about Sandra Fluke. It is the rise of womanhood of this shade (one of fifty, I presume) that is the problem.

This speech is dripping with covert misandry.

And the really clever part is that it is disguised as an attempt to overcome misogyny.
If it weren't so manipulative, (and therefore destructive to any woman who subscribes to it), it would be cool.

Ms. Fluke first came to prominence when she demanded that contraceptive costs be covered by health insurance providers.
Not a negligible coincidence that she underwent 'feminist, gender and sexuality studies'.

Unfortunately for us all, she emerged smelling of roses after Rush Limbaugh used some choice words to describe her... erm... social life.
He fanned the flame was to become the forest fire.

He should not have been so imprudent as to go off on one like he did, that's for sure.
Especially as he is not an angel either.

But now Ms. Fluke's war against the 'big bad boys who won't give her free Pills' has gone global.
And a sympathetic president is being used as a weapon in her little war.
How fortuitous that President Obama happens to be a father of daughters! Sandra Fluke is milking this little fact for all it's worth. And the president finds himself...trapped by his own goodwill.

I don't think this is about free least not anymore.

It is now about...
How men are oppressing women.
How women's bodies are no longer their own.
How women are not allowed to speak up about injustices done to them.
How it is so unfair that the prevention of pregnancy, which should be a concern for women, is in the hands of men.
How women are being taken back in time, like a hundred years, back to grandma's days.
How our foremothers are being made to turn in their graves as their daughters are being made to fight the same old battles they had fought a 100+ years ago.


This is a battle with Rush Limbaugh.
It is an emotional tirade against a man who was a little bit too harsh in his critique of her.
He was the little light breeze that flicked on her switch of misandry which had been building up for years thanks to her choice of academic pursuits, without the backup of natural or even learned restraint against the tornado of feminism.

Sandra Fluke is a normal woman. Her actions are well within the Gaussian distribution.
But she hasn't connected the dots yet.

No woman likes to be called a word rhyming with 'rut'.
Even those who ask for free contraceptives in public.

And when she is, in such a public manner, the dam falls apart and the backlash is relentless.
This train won't stop until it crashes into Limbaughville. Literally.

It might seem like it didn't take much for Sandra Fluke to unveil her disdain for men and the resentment she feels at not being allowed the 'feedom' and the 'liberation' (at least of the sexual variety) the latter are accorded in this life.

But it did.
The curious reality is that every woman wants to be respected in one very important way. Otherwise we don't really give two hoots about respect - that's a man's headache.

And yet, some women just don't know, or just don't care to garner that respect.
And when it is not forthcoming, the demands and the rants start.
And then the slowly boiling-over contempt and rage gushes forth.

What happens if a Sandra Fluke-a-like is an advertising executive?
You guessed right.
What happens if  a Sandra Fluke-a-like is a teacher in a school?
You guessed it.
A film director?
A lawyer?

Sandra Fluke is a lawyer.
And heaven help you if you meet her in a family court...

Sandra Fluke is not blameless in her obvious dislike of the perceived power of men over women, but what is apparent is that this did not develop in a vacuum.
The fertile soil was there in her case for sure.
And so was the catalyst in the form of overly critical men, at least in her eyes.

Somewhere along the line, someone should have applied the brakes.
The best person to do this would have been... Sandra Fluke.

But it is clear she won't.
And the nth wave feminism train continues its journey into miserable oblivion. It is well past Misandryville now...

The best solution, according to what I am hearing from men is that women drop the whole misandry thing first, before they would let up on the harsh critique.

The problem is, I am not even sure if women like Ms. Fluke would drop the misandry poison if all men were to be 'gentle' in a manner typical of...women.

Perhaps the 'return to femininity' would have to be executed with some of our sisters 'missing in action'.
Anyone whose torso is more than halfway in (head first) down the rabbit hole is perhaps not going to feature in the comeback campaign to normality.

There will always probably be a background level of misandry around, I guess, even if things do look up in the near future.
It will probably stay at the same level as 'background misogyny'...

How's that for 'equality'...


Grasshopper said...

Remember Ms. Fluke’s comments were made at a political convention. We have a presidential election coming up here very soon in the US and her appearance and remarks were calculated to generate more female votes.

Generally I shut that kind of that kind of thing out. I’m not the target audience.

It is the same with other forms of misandry in the media. I either ignore it or stop watching the program it’s on.

That is harder to do with advertising. Apparently portraying men as incompetent idiots sells laundry detergent. And since I assume women make the detergent buying decisions in most households I don’t think that will change.

I am like most men in that I make my buying decision based on the products effectiveness and of course price, not advertising. If brand X is not cleaning my clothes well – I do not buy brand X again. If brand Y does work well and is competitively priced – I keep buying it – not matter how misandric their commercials might be.


metak said...

You should really stop looking at these pupets put in place to give people an ilusion of freedom and choice... they don't give a damn about "ordinary people".. and Obama is best example of that... every word he says is a lie.

But you're right when you compared Hollywood with Bollywood and Nollywood.
This misandry is only one piece in a mosaic. Gather more pieces and the bigger picture will appear. If you go one step further from misandry and misogyny you'll see that there's just something "anti-human". You can clearly see it when you take a look at the numbers of abortions performed and the aborted fetal cells are later used as flavor chemicals for Pepsi. I won't go into this further but there's something more to all this and it's SICK!

This woman is talking about contraceptive costs be covered by health insurance. Women in France will have now free abortions (starting with 2013) because it's "necesary to ensure all women have equal access to abortion". Insane.

Spacetraveller said...

@ Grasshopper,

"Remember Ms. Fluke’s comments were made at a political convention."

I am pleased to report that this didn't escape my notice.

But the real question is...who is using whom? She is allowing herself to be used as a political pawn here...
Effectively, we are witnesing a political 'pump and dump'.
Obama may well be 'whiteknighting' for her, but he has his own life sorted out just fine...
She, on the other hand is a 30+ woman who is still out there dosing up on The Pill. Given that most women deep down want a famliy one day, she is ruining her chances of becoming a mother one day... Not to talk of the public display of brazen boldness. Self-respecting men will not choose this woman for marriage. Given that most women also want marriage, she is reducing her chances of that too. I shall call it the Monica Lewinsky effect...
And it is for this reason alone that I am actually concerned for Ms. Fluke. Her feminist studies have led her down the rabbit hole, and her disdain for men isn't helping either.

Obama may sympathise with her (for the sake of gaining the female vote), but I am pretty sure he wouldn't want his own daughters turning out like this woman. I am almost 100% sure of this.

"If brand Y does work well and is competitively priced – I keep buying it – not matter how misandric their commercials might be."

Oh Grasshopper, this sounds very stoic. I couldn't do this. I react emotionally to advertising, not logically, like you. Perhaps advertising execs know this well. Which is why they pander to women.

@ Metak,

"You should really stop looking at these pupets put in place to give people an ilusion of freedom and choice..."

Yes it is just that - an illusion. Haven't we learned that lesson already?
Is Sandra Fluke not aware of this yet? (Clearly not).

"If you go one step further from misandry and misogyny you'll see that there's just something "anti-human"."

Mais oui! These are bedfellows...

"You can clearly see it when you take a look at the numbers of abortions performed and the aborted fetal cells are later used as flavor chemicals for Pepsi."

Metak, pleeeeeeeaaaaaase tell me you are exaggerating here.
I am starting to heave...

"Women in France will have now free abortions (starting with 2013)..."

Well, they have been free in England forever...

metak said...

They were/are? using cells from dead fetuses to do all kinds of things...
They were used to make artificial flavor enhancer among other things.

What comes to publics awareness is usualy just a tip of the iceberg..

just visiting said...

The misandry ,whether in advertising or in society makes me queasy. Honestly, how can women be blind to it or shrug it off? Or worse, encourage it? How can anyone who genuinely likes, loves or respects the men in their lives not feel sick over it?

I can't help but think that it debases women who participate in it. It shows a lack of maturity,but it also shows a cruelty and callousness in a woman's character. It might seem like a small and subtle thing, but, I would hope that a man would take notice of such a thing and steer clear. Who knows what else would lay under the surface?

Spacetraveller said...


You got any evidence?
I'd love to see it...

@ JV,

I have no doubt that misogyny is also a problem...
But clever women know how to run a mile from truly misogynistic men.

Men are even more at risk from misandric women. Because whilst misogny was never endorsed by society as a whole, misandry has become 'institutionalised' so to speak. So there are no restrictions on it.

Yes, smart men should steer well clear.
And even better, if they have the required skill, to steer women away from their own misandry. Some women don't even know they have this problem, but scratch the surface and it all comes tumbling out. This is because a large part of nth wave feminism is misandry...

I must say something nice in Sandra Fluke's favour.
She is a VERY good orator. Now I know the cynical ones among us might retort, 'well so was Hitler'.
I think it's a shame that a young attractive woman with such great speechmaking skills is allowing herself to be used in a way that works against her.

Someone (preferably a man) should sit her down and say to her, 'Now let me spell it out to you, dear...'

Where is Dad when you need him?

metak said...

I knew you would ask... so here's a small list. Enough to make you vomit.
According to all this there's a big market for "baby parts".

dannyfrom504 said...

you know what's sad.

i don't even care anymore.

there will come a breaking point and the "men" that western society has created will be unable to fend off the oncoming horde.

more power to you ladies, but guess what- when the fight comes, you're on you own. eventually, the state won't be able to protect you.

then you'll be in for a rude awakening.

and i'll be sitting back, laughing my ass off.

Anonymous said...

Hi, ST, PVW here.

When I first heard of Ms. Fluke, all I could think of was how embarrassing, shameful and disgraceful it was to have this woman before Congress testifying about such an issue. Nothing more than the perspective of a certain type of feminist that I just can't relate to in their obsession about sex. What else was anyone supposed to think but that she is a rhymes with "rut"?

And it is true, that is the one word that woman fear the most, the lack of respect that comes from that word.

On the other hand, I was bothered by Limbaugh's handling of this, especially as you said, he has some bones in his closet as well. In his attempts to fuel support for his side, he garnered a whole lot of support for hers. He could have done the same, but in a different manner.

Yet, he thrives on this type of thing as a political commentator; it is his job.

I must say, when I saw the speech, I didn't see the veiled misandry you saw. I saw instead the dislike for the men presumed to be behind the misandry of criticism against her and those who would interfere with the prerogatives of women who share her views.

Anonymous said...

PVW: oops, misogyny of criticism, not misandry of criticism.

just visiting said...

Yes Metak, the end game is anti human. And the best ways to achieve that aim is by divide and conqour. To weaken us through our baseness and to cultivate it in order to have power over us. Sex positivism, entitlement,playing on psychological triggers, anti chivalry (men failing to protect women... , women failing to protect children in the form of abortion)pro sterilization and nihilsim. Encouragement of non marriage or breaking up the family unit. (Farmers can run a farm easier when the bull is seperated from the cows lest he end up on the horns)

This used to be carried out by fraternal and sorrorital orders established in universities. A pet goat as a mascot here and there. Then off to DC, the UN or CFR and the like. Influence brokers. I suspect that the internet has changed how such things are established.

Why risk raising armies to oppress the masses when you can get them to do it for you voluntarily? Especially needed for serfdom.

Nothing new under the sun. It's a pattern that's been repeated over and over.

All I can do is offer another viewpoint. Ultimately people will choose to treat others as they wish to be treated. Or do what though wilt.

Disclaimer: My rather controversial opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect upon this blog, it's host or the sphere.

Bringing things back to it out. It won't win you any friends at first, but a little humour and charm can go a long way in getting your point accross without triggering hamstery responses. Most of the time. There's a life time of social engineering to break through.

metak said...


Hi JV. You're absolutely right. When you have relatively small group of people compared to whole population and to achieve your goal you have to manipulate them. Weapons of mass deception.
I didn't want to go into all this further because it's not right place for that. I think. ;-)

A lot of people have difficulty accepting that serfdom/slavery is still very much alive. It just evolved. Government took the role of landlord and you go every four years to make a circle or something and that's democracy for slave.

I don't know how it is to live and deal with misandry in US because I've never been there. When I watch Hollywood movies the occult symbolism + misandry just keep popping out.
Have you noticed how in latest movies and shows men are almost always saved by "strong" women? ;-) ..the roles have completely changed.. ;-)
Once I've tuned in to live online stream of NBC and my God I don't know how men can take it... men in "stupid-mode" in commercials and all those commercials for pills, pills, pills.. some more pills... never again!

P.S. Have you thought about that school?

Spacetraveller said...

@ Metak,

I hadn't heard this before. Thanks for the heads up.

@ PVW,

"When I first heard of Ms. Fluke, all I could think of was how embarrassing..."

Embarrassing is the word. But sadly, Flike herself doesn't see it this way.

The people who are patting her on the back now won't be there for her when she is feeling the consequence of her actions in ten years. That's my concern for her.

"the other hand, I was bothered by Limbaugh's handling of this, especially as you said, he has some bones in his closet as well. In his attempts to fuel support for his side, he garnered a whole lot of support for hers. He could have done the same, but in a different manner."

Thank you for this insight. I address this part of your comment in my latest post.

"I must say, when I saw the speech, I didn't see the veiled misandry you saw."

I do accept that because I am on the alert for it, I am seeing it everywhere, including where it isn't.
But I am pretty sure in Ms. Fluke's case, it is there. Her whole speech reads as a 'them and me' rant. And the 'them' is
But she gets away with this strategy because she is painting herself as a victim of patriarchy.
The horrible men won't let me have my free Pills...

One day, she will again blame patriarchy for her own folly:

Why didn't the horrible men tell me I was wrong when I demanded freedom with no responsibility back in 2012?

@ JV,

"Disclaimer: My rather controversial opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect upon this blog, it's host or the sphere."

JV, Your opinion here is closely mirrored by mine. I know you speak The Truth, as NC would put it.

"Bringing things back to it out. It won't win you any friends at first, but a little humour and charm can go a long way in getting your point accross without triggering hamstery responses."

Hey! How I wish I had read this before! I didn't know about the humour and charm bit, so I lost a whole truckload of friends :-) Forget 'at first', it's for forever, me thinks...

just visiting said...

I was reluctant to bring it up, but like you, I've seen areas were it ties into misandry. It's very calculated.

There seems to be a real push toward strong female characters saving men in the movies. It's a bit embarassing, really. As for t.v. programs and commercials, I've pretty much stopped watching.

I remember one that disturbed me. It was a car commercial showing a woman talking to a man on the street. She hit him on the head when he wasn't looking, stuffed him in the trunk and drove off with him. Yeesh.

I really notice it when I visit my relatives because the t.v. is on in the back ground, or they watch the nightly news. If you've been away from it, all of this stuff just seems so blatant. And yes, pills,pills and more pills.

Re the school

I recall that you mentioned an alternative school a few months ago. Is that what you meant?

just visiting said...

@ ST

I've been on a learning curve myself. Unfortunately, I've still managed to distance people when I've pointed out misandry or certain aspects of the smp. It's getting better though,lol.

metak said...

To me it was an interesting comparison. I've also stopped watching t.v. long time ago but still the amount of "in your face" misandry and the rest was too much.
I'm only commenting on this as an outsider... Danny and Grasshopper would be more suited for this task.

Those in marketing department know exactly what they're doing. I know men in general have to be dragged in shopping mall and don't really like shopping so it makes sense to focus your attention towards women. Women also spend much of the house income on buying clothes, food and other necessities for family. Plus, it's obvious that a lot of American women have some hatred towards men... All in all, I think some women over there, at least subconsciously enjoy the misandry.

Bill Hicks was right.. those working in marketing should do themselves a favour and go to hell. ;-)


"I hadn't heard this before. Thanks for the heads up."

Which part?


I remember you describing a school up north from you.. in nature.. dogs? remember?
I asked because it sounded nice and I thought your son would really enjoy it there...

just visiting said...

@ Metak. I remember!
I'd originally come across it a few years ago. I made some inquiries and alas, after several decades it had to close it's doors. Unfortunately, this has been the fate of several private schools in the past few years. I know that many had sudden huge jumps in their tax assessments and never ending permit issues. Two private schools that my sons attended have also closed.

Spacetraveller said...

@ Metak,

"Which part?"

The part about fetal cells and the chemical/beverages industry.

Lonely Himalayan Bear said...

I heard this woman Sandra Fluke's name a few months back, but never bothered getting into the story. Thanks to this blog post, I did and followed the Limbaugh-Fluke tiff from the onset. After a series of talks with a few America-based female friends, I am convinced that Ms. Fluke pulled out this figure of $ 3000 out of thin air just to create sensationalism. Even then, as someone who studied in two countries whose living costs are more than the USA (Netherlands and Norway, respectively), I don't think $ 3000 spread over three years is unaffordable for a responsible student that plans his/her expenses well. And while I never used contraceptives meant for females myself; I have been responsible for some increase in their local sales and therefore am furnished on the basic details :-)

I still have one question not sufficiently answered, which perhaps a US citizen or someone in the know might. How does this college-provided health insurance work exactly in the States? In this specific case of Georgetown University, which I understand is a private, Jesuit institution...
Does the institution enjoy some private patronage so that it can draft its own insurance plan and take care of the expenses that ensue? Or do the students pay a monthly premium of sorts (for us, it was € 43/month)? Or is this private insurance scheme in some way linked to the public taxpyers' money?

To borrow one of ST's phrase, please explain to me like I am a 5-year-old :-)

Spacetraveller said...

@ Bear,

I too am interested in the answer to this question of yours (although, as a Catholic, I shouldn't be lol :-)

I am not American, as you might know, so I am not best placed to answer your question, but I am interested in how healthcare costs are distributed in other countries.

Norway and Netherlands?
I am somewhat familiar with these two countries lol.