Sunday, March 24, 2013

Halleluyah, here He comes!

Newcomer Enbrethiliel said this in a recent post:

"But . . . we don't sing the Alleluia during Lent!"


But now we can!
For we are now officially in Holy Week.

I hadn't really intended to go all religious all of a sudden.
Apart from a few posts documenting the important milestones of our Lenten season, I had no intention of dwelling on the pious.

Until a certain old man decided to resign...
And after that (almost) all my thoughts turned heavenward.
(Which is not a bad thing, of course).

Palm Sunday always brings about a sense of childish excitement for me.
Especially in the last few years (since the loss of someone special) it has become a bitter-sweet kind of day.

In some parts of the world, Easter is considered a more important celebration than Christmas. I might even postulate that the Universal Church agrees with this sentiment.

I always get a 'coming home' feeling at this time of year.
Even though I am often far from home on this day most years.

In some countries I am familiar with, Easter is synonymous with 'going to the mountains'.
As someone whose origin is precisely in 'the mountains', I know this sentiment all too well.
As we speak, relatives are preparing to leave whichever corner of the world they normally find themselves in, to descend upon a big mountain they call 'home'.

I shall be on a different mountain.
But strangely enough, that would also be 'home'.

Home might be where the heart is, but for some, home is very much where you go to die.
Our Lord may have had a triumphant 'home-coming' of sorts when he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.
But shortly afterwards, he was to die...on a mountain (or at least in all the films depicting His Passion and crucifixation, Golgotha appears to be some sort of high altitude area).

I am inexplicably thrilled that we can legitimately say 'Alleluyah' again.
And I am particularly excited that we now have a leader to take us through Holy Week.
I had visions of no 'Ubi et Orbi' this Easter.
Why, that would be...scandalous!
Imagine that!
Perish the thought. :-)

Whatever mountain we all find ourselves on at the end of this week, I hope and pray that it is home.
After all the soul-searching, penance, and renewal rites of Lent, it is time to celebrate something accomplished.

Getting home.

In whatever sense we would like it to be.



Speaking of peace, Cristina Piccardi seems to exude it when she sings Mozart's 'Laudate Dominum' below.
And she has this uncanny ability to pass it on to her audience.

Her high notes particularly bring out my synaesthesia to unparalleled levels.
I really do see rainbows at the end of this one :-)


And have a wonderful Palm Sunday. seems Mozart is the flavour of the month. :-)
Here is our dear Pope Emeritus Benedict enjoying Hilary Hahn's stellar performance of the third violin concerto.

We shall miss you, Papa Benedict.
Take good care of yourself, and enjoy your retirement!


PVW said...

Happy Easter, ST!

Holy week has been a good one, but busy!

I attended all the services...Whew! Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil (where we finally said the allelujah in loud voices).

I almost wish I were living in Canada or the UK, where they have the Easter Monday holiday.

The end of Lent for me usually signifies the coming of spring, after the hibernation of winter and the hibernation/introspection of Lent.

So Ms. PVW the Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian church lady will be wearing a very springy type outfit for Easter Sunday--frilly blouse, skirt, hat and gloves, pumps...

Spacetraveller said...

Ms. PVW,

Sounds like you had a FABULOUS Easter too!

"I almost wish I were living in Canada or the UK, where they have the Easter Monday holiday."

Oh, poor you :-)
Yes we are incredibly spoiled in the UK and most of Europe to have Easter Monday off.

I am sure you Americans also have holidays where we don't have one? At least I hope so!

Oh yes, Spring is finally springing over here. Quite a shock to have a white Easter in parts of Europe that are not usually accustomed to this, but it turned out to be an aesthetic treat, so Winter is forgiven for overstaying its welcome, lol.

Spring is indeed a great time for femininity, I wholeheartedly agree. Enjoy your frilly outfits.

Right behind ya, Sistah!


Enbrethiliel said...


Happy Easter to you, too, Spacetraveller! I've finally caught up with the liturgical year on my blog. Thanks again for reading along. =)

Spacetraveller said...

Thank YOU for a great readalong, Enbrethiliel!

It was highly educational, enjoyable and inspirational.