Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Servant King

What an oxymoron this is!
It's got me thinking all day.

At Mass this morning, I was struck by the words of this hymn.
The lyrics kept playing themselves in my mind all day.
Flicking through channels in the hope of an update about a certain royal baby :-) I came across a church service where the congregation were singing a hymn.

You wouldn't believe which hymn...

I promised to pray for a young lady.
She is on the cusp of womanhood.
That means she will soon enter into the SMP.
Her father is educating her well. But he is quite rightly worried about her romantic future.

Cadders, this one is for your young daughter.
May she be the kind of woman that one day you would be immensely proud of.

The Servant King.
A servant who is also a king, or a king who serves?

This reminds me of a french phrase that a close family member uses a lot:

Noblesse oblige.
With nobility comes a lot of responsibility.

Kind of puts paid to the modern 'princess' who has all the rights and no responsibility, doesn't it?

The last verse of this hymn is the one that got most of my attention.

"So let us learn now to serve,
And in our lives enthrone Him
Each other's needs to prefer
For it is Christ we're serving."

I am not versed in Scripture. I can't quote Bible passages at will. Google is my friend when I need to find something in a hurry :-)
So for me it is nice to get a little titbit of wisdom handed to me on a plate, for free.
This hymn was one such gift for which I am grateful.

The last post about 'a new breed of woman' is a way to elevate my own ideals. But I realise it won't be possible without a supreme being's help.

In my world, I call this being 'God'.
Others may have a different word for Him.
It doesn't matter what we call Him.

If we learn how to serve, like Him, if we prefer each other's needs like Him, we would be well on the way to be what He designed for our eternal happiness, I am sure.

There are people who serve everyday, without even thinking about it. Kudos to these people. They are selfless and self-sacrificing, and they are a great example to follow.

This servant King, he has a number one fan.
She is his mother, the Servant Queen.
And she is like me, female.
But there endeth the similarity :-)

She is a cool role model to have, for every young woman.
If one has a difficult choice to make, one could try asking, 'would she do that?'
If the answer is yes, cool.
If it is no...

For sure, we would all never quite be like her.
For she was born without sin, and we were.

But our lives can be lived trying to imitate her, and other women like her.

Cadders, may your daughter strive to be like the mother of the Servant King all the days of her life.

At this point in her life when she is about to enter into an important phase, may she get all the good guidance that you (and her mother) have to offer.

The rest of us will support her with our good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers.


Unknown said...

Noblesse Oblige: An act of graciousness and kindness by a man to someone weaker or lower in status to him because of the real and immediate ability he possesses to do otherwise.

Cadders said...

ST - thank you for your prayers and thoughtful words.

Many people are keen to dismiss red pillers as misogynist woman haters, but really, us red pill dads are probably better equipped than others to deal with the emotional storms our daughters will experience as they grow into women.

Interesting times ahead, I think, but I'm looking forward to it.

And I've cheered up considerably ;-)

Spacetraveller said...

Bob Wallace,


With privilege comes responsibility.
Just curious: did you mean to specify 'man' in your definition of 'noblesse oblige'?
Do you mean to imply that this does not apply to women??
Just wondering...
It would be interesting if you did. And my next question to that would be...could you elaborate?


Mais de rien!
C'était un grand plaisir...

Your daughter already has a massive leg up in the SMP, as you know, just by virtue of having a Dad who cares.
She is indeed exceedingly lucky.
As a future wife and mother, she needs prayers - and as others have and continue to pray for me, so I do for mine and the next generations.
It's a no-brainer.

Like you, I don't share the view that red pill men are misogynistic.
I think the opposite is true, in fact.
Many Manospherians are keen to advise women who seek their help.
That is not the modus operandus of someone who hates women.
Sure, they can be rather harsh sometimes... agreed :-)

But not misogynistic...

Glad you have cheered up - so have I :-)

Unknown said...

Of course noblesse oblige applies to women, too.

Throughout history, thought, it has generally been applied to men.