Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Metak got Game

Everyone, meet Metak.
He's a seriously funny young guy from Slovenia.
He's single right now, but I don't expect that will last for much longer...
Even though he still harbours thoughts of MGTOW...

Does Metak have what TPM calls 'Charisma'?
What the rest of us irreverently call 'Game'?

Whatever it is, Metak managed to 'Game' me even when I wasn't looking particularly to be Gamed.
I got 'Charisma-ed' by accident :-)
A pleasant accident, I might add :-)

Yes I am quite easily Gamed.
I admit that.
But I am not alone.
Everyone is Gameable, right?
Or do I just see everyone as a potential Gamer?
Afterall, everyone and everything seems to Game me these days - God, The Pope, Danny's dog, random little girl at church, my boss...
Everyone who shouldn't really be 'Gaming' me... :-)

So what happened with Mr. Slick from Slovenia?
Here's the breakdown from my point of view.

I think he started with 'Dread'.
A comment on the MGTOW post about how he's leaving the village, how all women are this, that and the the whole marriage thing is geared against men...
I felt compelled to draw him back into the village, even though I am tired of doing this, or at least I should be :-)
(And knowing of course that it wouldn't change a thing)...

So that was Metak's display of 'alpha' dread.
It worked for me.
Just this once :-)
And then the nail in my coffin was the devastating humour that followed.

Metak was not content with just me though...
Quite the greedy fella this one.
He also managed to pull Bellita and JV into the mix.
He's slick alright...this kid.
He clearly got the full set of the polyamorous genotype.

Metak may or may not know this, but there is a history of sorts here...
None of this is least not where I am concerned.

British chicks and Eastern European dudes.
A match made in tabloid heaven?
This woman knows all about it :-)
And the man started out on his 'alpha' journey at 12 years old :-)

Even Margaret Thatcher was not immune to this phenomenon.
Following a visit to Poland in 1988, several newspapers in Britain played on her budding 'attraction' to Polish Prime Minister Jaruzelski with the following headline:
'The Iron Lady and the magnetic Pole'.
Pure gold.
Who came up with that killer of a headline?
Speaking of Poles, Pope John Paul II had this 'thing' about him that made him very popular with people in general.
I daresay, especially the ladies...(mentioning no names).

I always thought Goran Ivanisevic the tennis player was the hottest thing alive.
When he took his shirt off after winning Wimbledon in 2001 I thought I might finally become acquainted with the term 'spontaneous combustion'.
In an act of unacceptable disloyalty to Queen and Country, I was cheering him on when I should have been cheering on Tim Henman in the preceding semi-final in what might have been Henman's only chance at Wimbledon glory.
But can I be blamed? His ridiculously effortless and flawless serve and bullet aces that sprang forth thereof were something to behold :-)

I particularly loved his voice.
The accent only added to the appeal.
In the best ever test of my auditory 'trigger', I thought if he became Quasimodo, lost all his money and fame, became fatter than a Sumo wrestler, I'd still say 'yes'.
And we would never do what his birth city implies.

And when 'baby Goran' aka Mario Ancic (with exactly the same voice as Goran) burst onto the scene, it was 'rinse and repeat' for me :-)

Somehow it is never been lost on me that Eastern Europe is a bastion of Catholicism, or its Eastern counterpart, Orthodoxy.
Maybe that's the deal with me.
*looks shiftily around *
I am succeeding in convincing nobody, it seems. I sense that somehow :-)

But this whole 'geographical location' thing got me thinking.
After the City/Rural posts, I did wonder if whole countries or regions had any specific traits in common, in terms of its human 'talent'..
There are women who might be into Middle Eastern men, for example. Some men are helplessly putty in the hands of Scandinavian bombshells.
Danny is a sucker for Mexican girls :-)
Bellita is a goner when it comes to British men, well, certainly if he sings and has an association with a certain Scottish insect, in any case :-)
And so on...

And that's just based on looks/cultural behaviour.

There are some Western men who swear that they are done with Western women on the basis of personality/character.
Danny again.
So MGTOW might really mean MGTEEAA (Men Going Towards Eastern Europe And Asia) for some men.

And some Western women think Western men are way too timid and crave the attentions of the forward Italian and Latino 'macho' types with raw caveman tendencies :-)

It's highly amusing, all this.
And fun to dissect out.

Back to Metak and Slovenia, I know that much (good stuff) has been said about Eastern European women, certainly in The Manosphere. Something about their femininity, beauty, niceness.
I can't disagree at all, if we stick to generalisations.

Uncannily, the latter part of the thread on the MGTOW post on which he started commenting came close to the subject of eloping.

Only one member of my extended family has eloped so far (at least that I know of).
A male cousin of mine.
And his bride?
A Slovenian woman :-)

My cousin was a goofy nerd.
Who fell out with his parents for a while when he was in his late 20s.
And next one knew, he was married with a baby on the way.

But now I get it.
He wasn't stupid, my goofy nerdy cousin.
When I saw his wife, my first (involuntary, if uncharitable) thought was, 'what's a drop-dead gorgeous girl like this doing with my ugly cousin?'

Now of course I recognise my thought as a very silly one indeed.
Because I understand better now the male and female attraction triggers and how different they are from each other, in general.
I don't think she married him for his looks.
But his looks were not required...

Anyhow, why was my cousin not so idiotic afterall?
We have many male cousins his age.
He wanted to (needed to?) lock this girl down before any other male members of the family got any funny ideas about her.
Seeing her, I would imagine she's just the kind of girl to induce an involuntary transgression of the rule 'bros before hos' :-)
Like I said, my cousin knew what he was doing :-)

Which region of the world appeals to you, in terms of its men/women?
And why?

Would you be willing to move there if this was at all possible?
Is your perception of these people accurate, or was it a false illusion that never quite matched reality once you got closer to the country/person of your affections?

Dish it out, please.
Spacetraveller is all ears :-)

The maestro at work...

The voice of the century?
Judge for yourself...

Doubles...or hearing double?
Game, set and ...match this voice with Goran's!


Senior Beta said...

So what the hell happened? Did you read Danny this am? The world wonders.

Spacetraveller said...

@ Senior Beta,

I don't understand your comment...
Could you please elaborate?

metak said...

wow whole post about me? :-)

FYI I live in Slovenia but I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, part that I like to call: Little Christian China :-).

Senior Beta said...

It looked like something or someone was turning you on. Thought it might have been Danny's latest. And guys always want to know what happened in the end. And can you change that ridiculous filter.

Bellita said...

an association with a certain Scottish insect

I had to think about this for a few seconds before I remembered my own pun. :P Hahahaha!

You know what's really funny, though? Until I read your impression, I would not have said that I am attracted to British men--and I would have felt perfectly honest thinking that. Yes, even with over 90% of my playlist, my YouTube history, and my love of Doctor Who staring at me in the face. I would have said the Anglophilia came first and the crushes later . . . But now you're making me wonder!

You know who should chime in now? CD! (Where has she been lately? I sincerely miss her!) I remember her sharing a story of the time she was with a British man and revealed a side of her personality that (according to her) turns American men off. She had thought the British man would recoil as well, but not only did he not mind what she said, but he also expressed surprise that another man would.

But is the MMP (Marriage Market Place ;)) always greener on the other side of the fence, or is it just our perception?

just visiting said...

Australian men. Boundless energy,a great sense of humor, and very very masculine.

Grasshopper said...

I read somewhere that we are attracted to people with the most compatible genetic material. I don’t know how exactly this occurs maybe sub consciously but it makes sense in terms of producing healthy off spring.

I am of eastern European descent – Polish specifically and I have always found southern European women the most attractive. Something about their dark hair and olive skin knocks me out. Most of my Lady Grasshoppers have been women of Italian or Greek descent.

Coincidental perhaps or maybe it’s that compatible genetic material thing at work.


dannyfrom504 said...

thanks for the linkage Pet.

if you saw me paired with some of the women i've been fortunate enough to get nakie, you'd think it were a fluke. ALL of them are drop dead beautiful.

of course, Brody helps as well. you know you can't say no to him.

in regards to western women, i'd love nothing more than to have a different opinion, and that was the point of the linked post. i realize MOST western women don't realize we see what we do and why we're avoiding them.

Spacetraveller said...

@ Metak,

Really? Cool!
I don't know your country very well...but I have been to Medgugorje.
So you know your conspiracy theory that I was in collaboration with your mother to get you to become a priest?
It could be true! Hahahaha!

Why do you call it 'Little Christian China'?
I am curious...

You should really go over to Danny's blog and say 'hi' to him.

And I hope the men who comment here also take you under their wing.
You sound like a really nice boy and we the women here like you :-)
But you shouldn't hang around us TOO much...otherwise that could make you too 'soft' or something...
Talk to the men too...
We the women will treat you better than the men, of that I am sure! And if the big bad guys out there beat you up or something, you can always come to us and we'll give you a back rub or something...but we'll have to send you back on your way, because as Red Pill women we know you need the 'ribbing' you will get from your fellow men.
And don't forget: we the women can also help you by 'fitness testing' you once in a while like a real girl in your life would... so we can prepare you for that too.

Anyhow it seems to me that so far, the men haven't really 'talked' to you yet. I think that's normal behaviour from the men. Maybe they are waiting to see if they like you first...whereas we women have already decided we like you :-)

Perhaps I need to make a special appeal to them on your behalf? Here goes:

Gentlemen, could you please mentor Metak?
He's really cool, and he seems to have some Game principles locked down already, but he is asking for help from you more experienced paragons of male alphadom, which we girls don't know anything about :-)
He comes from a country which was visited by Our Lady...that's gotta count for something, right?
Is it bad if I ask that you are not TOO hard on him?
(As in, no broken bones please). Sure, rough him up an' all...but no military style hazing, please! Am I hurting his chances as to his male hierarchy status if I ask this?
He's only young remember...don't kill him!

There, Metak, if my appeal hasn't killed your chances of having these guys look after you, you should finally start getting some serious male mentoring...

Senior Beta,
You will have to forgive me. I still don't understand your comment!
(Did I mention I can sometimes be a bit 'slow'?)
Sorry about the filter. I have had many complaints about it. Yours is the final pièce de résistance to push me to do something about it finally...
I have removed it now.
Let's see if this helps?
If I get innondated by spam however, I might have to put it back up...We'll see.
(Thanks for bringing it to my attention).


I suspect your wish to have CD comment on this post may have been inadvertently thwarted by me.
The title of this post includes the word 'Game'. You KNOW how she feels about Game lol.
Who's the patron saint of 'The Impossible' again?
And the patron saint of 'lost causes'?
Once I have finished my novenas to Saints Rita of Cascia and Jude, maybe then we might expect a comment from her :-)
So maybe in 10 days' time...

Your ardent obsession with McFly amuses me much the same way as CD's aversion to 'Game' :-)
You always sound like a teenage girl with a serious case of 'McFlymania' when you talk about them. So sweet...

"Until I read your impression, I would not have said that I am attracted to British men-"
Yeah right, Bell. I too would argue despite the above post that Eastern Europen men have absolutely no effect whatsoever on me...but we both know that no-one would believe that :-)
It starts ever so slowly, Bell.
So much so it's under the radar for a long time and before you know it, bang! it hits you at high velocity...
Moving swiftly on...


Spacetraveller said...

I knew there was something about you...

I see what you mean about the genetic compatibility thing...
But I have also seen data championing the reverse theory where people (women especially) seek out men with a different gene set from them, specifically the MHC (Major Histocompatibilty Complex) which is an immnulogical entity but apparently is crucial in the mating game too.
This seeking out of 'different' genes by women serves to diversify the genetic pool of offspring so that genetic diseases are eradicated, unlike cousin marriages for example, in some parts of the world where recessive genetic illnesses are a major problem.

Perhaps both theories are not so mutually exclusive?
Maybe there is something to be said for seeking both 'sameness' and 'difference'?
Anyone else with their own theory on this?

Yes I can definitely see the attraction with Australian's that outdoor lifestyle, isn't it?
The surfing, the beach life, the sunshine...
Oh yes, I get it alright :-)


You and Grasshopper seem to have similar tastes in women!

Yes I agree with you about got a killer wingman there lol...

Hey Danny,
I got a new student for your school of manliness.
Can you show Metak the ropes?
I am sure he will graduate with honours from your University of alphaness :-)

Grasshopper said...


The thing I don’t get about these genetic attraction theories if any of them are really true is wouldn’t attraction then always be mutual?

If the real reason I am attracted to a woman is because her genetics are compatible or different wouldn’t she be attracted to me for the same reasons?

As we all know attractions are not always mutual. That has always been a mystery to me as to why.


metak said...


1. name of the place where I was born starts with "KOMU.." just like "COMMUNISM"
2. A lot of people there are really religious... even Pavlov would be proud if he could see how they're flocking to church when the bell rings. :-)
3. I finally found out why is Chinese economy doing quite well comparing to others... They started exporting (after every product having label "Made in China") Chinese people to Bosnia! :-)

You're not going to believe this, guess whats also there?
The Sanctuary!! :-) what a surprise... :-)
and it's becoming increasingly popular... "My God" help me... :-)

This place is also similar to Medjugorje and there are a lots of stories about THE LADY and her kindness, protection... I guess it's easier to buy into that then admit to yourself that you like drinking "Rakija - something like vodka... 60% alcohol or more" way too much... :-)

I've read some of the posts from dannyfrom504 and there was nothing new to me... but I did enjoyed the picture in his post "Natural game" so you can thank your hamster and give him a little brake.. OK? :-)

As for:
"But you shouldn't hang around us TOO much...otherwise that could make you too 'soft' or something...
Talk to the men too..."

I've become quite a Taoist practitioner... and women can sense the difference. I could probably make a fortune with selling excess testosterone... :-)

I was talking with you and not men because I wanted to get some perspective from the other side. You know, it was kinda like: "Come to the dark side. We have cookies (pu$$y)..." :-)

- fuc* I must be reincarnated Joker from Batman with all this smileys... who cares I choose to be happy! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love women. That's pretty much been a rule all my life. Women.

I'm very married, and I suspect you approve of that. But, my wife and I have an agreement, from before we were married. I said, "The day I stop looking at other women, is the day you can figure I'm dead, and you can bury me. The day I start touching other women, is the day you can bury me, too."

She laughed for some time, then agreed. I can still look, but I never have wanted to touch.

Her cousin calls me a 'post-modern misogynist". Right... I'm a misogynist. Sometimes, the knee-jerk reactions just get so tiring. I'm pretty certain her cousin doesn't actually know the meaning of many words, such as "shut up!".

Did I mention her cousin is (somewhat) male?

The Navy Corpsman

Spacetraveller said...

@ Grasshopper,

Yes funny thing about 'mutual'. I don't really have a scientific answer to that except to say that the chemical attraction brought about by one's 'tastes' results in perhaps an electromagnetic force between the couple, which is sensed by the spriritual being of each party, such that one suddenly 'knows'.
So although it may be perceived as a metaphysical event or process, it is very much a 'scientific' phenomenon...
I guess at some point both parties need to be aware of or 'feel' this happening for it to be significant.
To confuse matters, the timing (the fourth element) may not be in sync for both parties.

@ Metak,

That's a beautiful description of your hometown.

The Sanctuary!
Too funny.
As Bellita said, 'What you resist persists' indeed!
You run away from all things religious, and ... you start commenting on a blog named 'The Sanctuary'!

@ NC,

"Did I mention her cousin is (somewhat) male?"

It sounds like you are not very sure...

Anonymous said...

I'm very sure that I don't know.

The Navy Corpsman

Spacetraveller said...


This reminds me of Donald's Rumsfeldt's 'known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknowns'.

This is s clear case of a 'known unknown' :-)

dannyfrom504 said...

ST- you can lead a horse to water......

Spacetraveller said...

@ Danny,


You guys say that about women all the time...!

Anonymous said...


Well apparently, Metak doesn't need counsel. So quit mommying him Love. He's a big boy.

Spacetraveller said...

@ Danny,

"So quit mommying him Love."
I wasn't!
I was just taking care of one of the bruvas in the 'hood...

OK, OK, I'll get off his back...

Lost said...

You are too easy to game... even my just email you fall for anything..... i'd be worried if i was your lover.

Spacetraveller said...


I admit I am easily Gameable, yes...

But is that necessarily a bad thing?

It doesn't mean I shall stray...
At least not until the next Gamer comes along...
Just kidding!

Seriously, I just think it's good fun. What's funny is that I am still Gameable even when I know I am being Gamed.
I won't allow myself to be Gamed if I don't want to...this is true!
(But I have a feeling you won't believe me :-)