Thursday, September 27, 2012

Are feminists making God a white knight?

I was thinking about an old 'baby' of mine recently.
In my late teens he was one of a few kids I used to babysit.
He was simply adorable.

This little boy was loved by everyone. At Mass, all the old ladies would fuss over him like he was their grandchild. And younger women wanted a child like him.
So I had competition for his affections lol.

Looking back, he was probably a little 'alpha' in the making.
He was certainly unusual (no bias on my part lol).

Most people, after Mass, would spend a minute or two in quiet reflection in front of one of the statues of a saint, or Our Lady, or The Blessed Sacrament.
This kid (aged 3) would head straight for the statue of Our Lord and ask, in a loud voice, arms folded across his chest, head tilted (yes, his alpha pose!)...
"And how are you today, Sweet Jesus?"

Out of the mouths of babes...

As a teenager now, I am sure he would be upset if I reminded him of this. 'Street cred' is everything to him now, at least in front of his friends.
Unless I framed it differently of course and 'bigged up' how 'alpha' this whole episode was, to me :-)
I mean, it is pretty alpha to stand up in front of God and ask how He is, no?

Who asks God how He is?
I never asked God how He was my entire life.
I only hoped he cared how I was...
My 2 minutes in front of the statue of Our Lord was never about Him. It was all about me.

You know how dogs give you that 'begging' look when you are cooking and they can smell dinner?
This is how I must look (to God) when I am praying for my 101 things:


It is apparent from the many Bible stories that Jesus loved women. He was certainly surrounded by women wherever he went, which would be strange for the kind of figure he was - a man with no ties to a family unit and with 12 men followng him around and preaching.

The women of Jerusalem were crying for him as he was led to where he would be crucified.
Martha and Mary would invite him over for inner with their brother Lazarus.
Mary Magdalene kissed his feet.
Veronica wiped his face when it was soaked with blood.

Jesus was an alpha alright :-)
And women flocked to him.

But does God love women more than men?

As I inch my way towards drafting a post about the various aspects if feminism, I wonder if 'Christian feminism' sees women as more automatically deserving of God's love than men?

I have reason to suspect this.

The moral superiority over men that is blatantly displayed by some Christian women.
The whole 'man up' thing is perhaps a way of saying, 'I am God's Princess! You have to fulfil my needs without any effort on my part!'
The 'God forgives all' meme, which somehow only applies to women.
The 'God is my protector' idea, which somehow also means that an Earthly man who does the protecting doesn't get a cut in the 'thanks'.
And this. God has been hijacked for the feminist cause since 1982...

These scenarios may happen in subtle ways.
But mostly, they are 'in your face'.
Which is what the brash feminists do best.

I wonder how God feels about this misuse of His name?
How does He feel about being 'volunteered' as a white knight?
Without His consent...
Has anyone asked Him?

God is certainly 'alpha' in Manosphere parlance. Afterall, there are many women who call themselves 'brides of Christ', officially or not, as the case may be. That's a pretty big harem.

But the whiteknighting thing makes him look 'beta'.
Does He mind about that?

The married men who complain that they get nagged by their wives, spare a thought for God.
He gets nagged everyday by millions of single women praying for a good husband :P

This post should really have been entitled, 'Prayers for a husband the Red Pill way'.

For, in the spirit of my 'baby' above, instead of hassling God for what we want, how about a slight change of frame?

Something like this?

Dear God/Sweet Jesus,
How are you today?
My day was great, hope yours was better.
And if it wasn't, how so?
Since I can't see you or hear you or touch you, how can I make it better for someone I can see or hear or touch?
Do you have someone in mind?
I wouldn't mind at all if he happens to be tall, handsome and rich.
I won't be fussy. I'll take whatever you can give me. Besides, I heard the short, ugly and poor ones are all taken...
Anyhow, you take care of yourself.

Till next time, stay blessed.

How could he say no...

Anyhow, off to say my night prayers now...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bear Mountain

As opposed to Brokeback Mountain :-)

This is the male version of 'La Isla Bonita'.

Well, I did promise...
To write a post about what we ladies find attractive in you gentlemen :-)

If the perfect place to find the perfect woman is a tropical island complete with fragrant flowers (connotations of 'femininity'), I imagine the perfect place to find the perfect man would be a mountain (bastion of 'masculinity').
Do the ladies agree with me?

And the image of a big wild animal like a bear doesn't hurt the fantasy either :-)

Now, why a bear?, you may ask...
To answer this question,  I need to make a few declarations, lol.

I have realised something strange.
It was so much easier for me to define 'the perfect woman' because I could be totally objective about it, given that I was not the target audience for such a topic.

But all of a sudden, when the tables are turned, I get all self-conscious.
The only way to cure this is to 'divorce' myself from this post.
Nothing I describe here necessarily applies to me.
There, I feel better now :-)

However, I also know that I convince no-one. I may think I have divorced myself from this post, but it has to be said that I can only give my opinion o this topic.

Thus, this is an unedited peak into a female soul. Notably mine, to be precise. will only be as unedited as my Catholic self will allow.
For anything more, gentlemen, you would have to put a ring on it :-)

To me, a bear is the ideal masculine animal.
(And this is not because we have recently been joined by a Himalayan Bear, lol!)

A tiger or lion is equally masculine, if not more so than a bear.
But I find that these male animals are perhaps what one might call 'undiluted alpha'...
They will roar at you and tear your limbs apart before saying 'hello'.
There is only so much 'rawness' a female can take :-)

A bear is big, strong, and you know he could ravish you in a second, yes.
But he is also cuddly. Think 'teddy bear'. Every girl has one :-)
So a bear is dangerous, but at the same time, potentially (surprisingly, perhaps) friendly.
A heady mix indeed...
Alpha and beta. In just the perfect proportions :-)

Now this should be good news for all you men with paunches* out there...
Sure, a young woman (who is more 'visual' than her older counterpart) may want this:

But she soon outgrows this. Certainly if this is all he has to offer.
Whilst a man stays visual, a woman becomes less and less visual as she matures. Some are never visual to start with.
Notice I did not protest too much when Bellita mentioned that Jeremy Clarkson would be OK for me, in the post 'Lean on me'.

Neither Bellita nor I would object to a 'Jeremy Clarkson' look-alike, it seems :-)

At some point in her life, a woman wants a 'bear'. The right mix of 'alpha' and 'beta'.
*(But...and I am going to be a massive wet blanket here...if the paunch is a danger to your health, then please sort it out.
A woman may not be 'visual'. But she doesn't want to be a widow before her time either. A waist-to-hip ratio way beyond 1 is a cardiovascular time bomb...)

Now speaking of waist-to-hip ratio, I know this is more applicable to women, yes.

I think the eqiuivalent for men is his waist-to-shoulder ratio.
This is why the types like our male model friend above, with their V-shaped torsos are so attractive to young women...

To me, the perfect 'bear' ever is....Fred Flintstone! Where 'bear' meets 'caveman' meets 'Tarzan'.
Female heaven...
I LOVE The Flintstones!
For a long time, I wanted to be Pebbles. Then I thought, forget Pebbles, I wanna be Wilma :-)
I don't mind Barney Rubbles, but he is just a teeny weeny bit too beta for me :-(

Whoever said John Goodman was born to play Fred Flintstone was absolutely right. I already liked him in 'RoseAnn', but as Fred Flintstone, he exceeded my expectations ... Seriously.

Marriage counselling Bedrock style :-)

The real life Flintstones...
(Clearly, I committed a major transgression by omitting Miss. Stone aka Halle Berry from the post 'La Isla Bonita' :-)

And how sad when the Rubbles and The Flintstones fell out :-(

Got to get an alarm-clock like this one!

Moving swiftly on...

So, the perfect man...

This is JV's ideal:

I think that my perfect ideal would be rather old fashioned. Someone with character, courage, self respect, skills and ability.

JV's was the only answer to the question 'What is a woman's idea of masculine utopia', but that's OK, because it provides me with plenty to work with :-)


I think women smell this out in a man more accurately than men think.
I think the 'weakness' in the system is where a woman chooses to ignore aspects of a man's character that she knows she cannot handle. I say this with some authority because I know that whereas men complain bitterly that they have been 'blindsided' by a horrible woman who was a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' at the start of their relationship, very few women are 'surprised' in this way.
I put 'weakness' in inverted commas because I do not actually believe it is a weakness per se.
In many ways, I recognise it as an essential (if tiresome!) part of femininity.
It is part of seeing a man of interest as a 'lovable rogue'.
Once in a blue moon he is just not worth it...
But most are.

To borrow Bellita's 'sizzle' and 'steak' analogies again, a (mature) woman recognises a man who has 'been through something' and has come out the other side. A man who has been 'initiated' and is truly ready for her.
It takes one to know one though.
For a man's good character to be seen by a woman, she too needs to have good character.

Courage and Confidence

I don't need to say too much about this, I hope.
A courageous man is simply opium for the fairer sex.
And it can take so many forms: The fireman who rescues the child from the burning ustairs bedroom at night, the man who admits to his part in the failure of the company and suitably 'falls on his sword', the father who fights to see his son because he knows this is essential to the wellbeing of that boy...
Courage in today's world is not always appreciated, or even wanted.
But a man who shows it nonetheless is not doing it for 'show'.
Paradoxically, however, it never goes unnoticed...
Whether or not the entourage of said man choose to admit it.

Self respect

A self-respecting man, like a self-respecting woman is magnetic. I am sure JV would agree. These are the men every woman has in mind when they say things like 'Where are all the good men'?
It has nothing to do with 'good' per se.
It has everything to do with self-assuredness and an unshakeable belief in himself, which even the woman in question somehow knows that she cannot break.
And this one cannot be faked.

Skills and ability

Need I say more? He has to demonstrate an ability of some sort. One which could or is a source of income. It ties in with self-respect and confidence. No (self-respecting) woman wants a bum. Even if her hindbrain leads her to one. When she wakes up from her slumber, she will be off. And rightly so.

I hereby add one of my own, but only because I believe not many women would disgaree with me on this one.


A man who can diffuse a potentially flammable situation with humour gets my vote every time :-)
Because it shows courage, character, self-respect, skills and ability all rolled into one.

Danny has many posts about making a woman laugh. I agree with every single one of them.
Not to say that a man is supposed to be a woman's source of entertainment forever, of course.
But it really helps the attraction thing along, in a way that is not necessarily true of the reverse situation. A man does not respond nearly the same way to a funny woman as she would to him, in my experience.

To this end, I pick Will Smith as an example, not with his macho, alien-fighting, gun-toting, heroic image, but rather with his funny self.
When he was 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'.

I found this scene to be particularly funny, especially the last part where he impersonates a woman.
Being British, humour is a way of life for me.

Hm, echoes of The Flintstones' counselling session here :-)

But for me personally, nothing trumps my auditory nature.

Serenade me like this, and you get me at 'hello' :-)

Barry White is another one who gets me going...
I once said I was not as enthralled by the male singing voice as I was by the female singing voice.
Turns out this is not strictly true...

This clip from 'Ally McBeal' appeals...
Perhaps this should be classified under 'Humour'.
Gentlemen, your goofy moves like these can be so endearing to a woman!

Speaking of goofy dances...
To all those men hell-bent on vasectomies, do you really want to pass up on this opportunity to show yourself in all your dancing glory at her Bat-Mitzvah?
(This thinly-veiled jibe at the vasectomy crowd was cleared and approved by my unrepentant hamster :-)


And if you are not Jewish, well, then you'll just have to wait until her wedding day...

And who was it that said fathers were unnecessary?
This woman is well on her way to being a good wife already. Because she has a father. One who cares.
What a treasured memory she will have forever and ever from this special day!

So there we have it...
An ode of sorts to you gentlemen.
Carry on being your lovable, goofy, bear-like selves :-)
And some of us ladies will leave the burning village for you...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Film Review: The Sound of Music

Otherwise known as 'Nun Game'.
This is not so much a film review as an exercise in Catholic romanticism. I am sometimes prone to that. My bad. Not sure what the cure is, but I don't want it anyway.

Bellita, this one is for you :-)

Is this the film that spawned millions of 'I wanna be a nun' wishes by Catholic (and even non-Catholic) young women?
Is this the film that could have changed the course of my life?

I make no secret of the fact that like a lot of Catholic women (at least from my generation) at some point in their lives, I did consider religious life as a possible option for me.

It was a serious consideration.
But in the end, I knew it wasn't for me.
But for ever and ever, I shall sing the praises of nuns. I know why I respect these women...

Yes, I sometimes have mini-seizures over nuns who seem to be outside of my little picture-perfect idea of what a nun should be like.

I get all heated up under the collar when Congolese nuns demand The Pill because they are at high risk of rape in war zones, as I think this is as anti-Catholic as one can get.
Right, Bell?
So, sure, we don't let even nuns get away with anything.
But I think that's healthy. It shows we are not biased...

But we give credit where credit is due.

I have grown up with nuns and priests. I still have a lot of contact with nuns and priests. I 'get' them. I know them. I like them.

And for those who think Catholic priests are lucky because they don't have women yapping away in their ears all day (otherwise known as 'nagging'), think again:
I heard this joke a long time ago. I really hope it's not a true story, but I have this sinking feeling that it might be.

A man goes into the confessional at his local church to confess his sins and take the opportunity to complain bitterly about his wife, who he believes is responsible for his sinning in the first place.
He says to the priest: "Father, you are so lucky not to have a woman in your life ruining everything for you".

The priest turns round and says, "Are you kidding me? I am the chaplain of a convent. I get all the trouble from women and none of the good part. At least you get to have sex once in a while!"


I once joked on this blog that I lived in a convent high in the Swiss Alps.
It was in fact, only a half-joke.
I do know a group of nuns who live in a convent in a location like this, in fact not far from where 'The Sound of music' was shot.

I have said this before, but I really do believe that nuns (in a cruel twist) would make the best wives and mothers. There is a freaky reason why this might be so, but I shan't dwell on this right now. Perhaps others may have their own theories on this?

The ones I know can be incredibly "wife and mother material". Surprisingly so.
I have noticed this all my life.
Maybe this is why I wanted to join them.

I must have watched 'The Sound of Music' a thousand times by now.
But it is only now dawning on me that it is one of the most Red Pill films ever!

A confident older man with seven kids successfully (if accidentally in this case) Games a would-be nun so much that she abandons God in favour of him...

'The Sound of Music' reminds me very much of the film 'Firelight'. An alpha man, a child/children, a woman arriving into the frame to care for said child/children. Love ensues...

Of course Maria never made it to full religious life.
I think I would have had the same complaints made against me as shown below, had I been in her shoes: when you are not cut out for it, you just aren't.

The first encounter between Maria and Captain Von Trapp. It's all there...dominance, negs, aloofness. She didn't stand a chance, poor girl :-)

But the most important question for me is, will I ever outgrow this scene? Some of these creatures bear an uncanny resemblance to one of my cuddle bunnies :-)

And if I ever have a daughter, she is memorising this song from the age of ...sixteen!
This is the ultimate Girl Game, no?
Liesl is sixteen and can't wait to marry Rolf. To her, Rolf is soooo much older and wiser!
How many women can say to a man, 'I will depend on you?'
Exactly. We just don't know this modern age. And yet, many men are dependable. Not all, sure, but the majority still are.
But I accept that a boy of seventeen going on eighteen is the wrong person to say this to, granted!

Maria is in love with Captain Von Trapp. She can't handle this, so she runs away back to the convent. Mother Supeior sends her right back to 'face her problems'. A convent is no haven from worldly problems. True. This is good Red Pill advice, for both men and women.
What a beautiful family anthem!
Bell, this will be you one day, homeschooling your brood :-)
The convent I know doesn't have a Sister Mary Clarence. But they could sure use one to spice things up a bit :-)
Mass is never this exciting where I am either!
And even the Pope gives a standing ovation when they sing 'I will follow Him' :-)
Yes, the reality is that some nuns evoke bad memories in some people. Films like 'The Magdalene Sisters' apparently don't even do this subject enough justice.
I refer here to 'the good kind'. People I know. And the lessons I can draw from their good example is... priceless.
If anyone wants to watch all of 'The Sound of Music'...
Gentlemen, recognise yourselves in 00:46:01-00:47:10 and 1:08:00-1:14:00?
1:25:20-1:32:30 is total chick-crack! The men would do well to avoid this bit.
How lovely is the ländler! It is as graceful a dance as the tango is sensual...
And out of the mouths of babes...
Kurt says: "Only grown up men are afraid of women!"
And Gretl says: "I think the men look beautiful".

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lean on me...

I have had marriage on the brain lately...

Which is normal, I know. A thirty-something woman who wants to get married and who isn't, is going to be thinking marriage 24/7. That's a given.
I am no exception to this rule, of course :-)

But what I mean here is...more than usual (if that's possible).

I was at a wedding recently. That of a good friend. I have honestly never seen her so happy in the ten years I have known her. The groom was also unrecognisably jovial.
Both have just hit the 40 mark.
After ten years together, I know they know each other well by now.
And their happiness on their wedding day tells me they are embracng the future together come what may.
Happiness with abandon on your wedding day, is, to me the ultimate exercise in Outcome Independence.

Did I say ten years together? That was not exactly true.
She picked him up. At an airport no less. She saw him at 'Check in' and decided she would have him.
She went to him and said, "Would you go out with me?"
He looked like a deer in the headlights and said 'Uh, OK'.
Turns out he was in her kindergarten class.
And he had pulled her hair once, in the playground.
Gentlemen, whatever you do to a woman will always come back and bite you in the _______.
You pull a girl's hair when you are 5, and she will pull you to the altar when you are 35...
Just teasing, fellas!

I digress. There followed ten years of highs and lows and many separations during which she almost married someone else.
The path of true love never runs smooth, does it?

But alas, my thoughts turn to another wedding I attended when I was a child. It was perhaps the very first wedding I remember going to.
Interestingly, the priest at this wedding was of the same nationality as my two recently hitched friends...

He said, and I paraphrase from memory:

"Marriage is two people leaning on each other."
 As a child, I thought, 'how odd!'

But now I think I get it.

It's funny how 'getting it' takes such a long time. Is it to do with my 'slowness'?
To digress a little, a very good friend of mine sent me the following in an email when we were both in our twenties. It enraged and petrified me all at the same time. Precisely because it has a ring of truth to it :-)

And Grasshopper's comment in the last post reminded me of it:

"“…PVW also makes the point of the more sexually attractive women getting noticed by men more than the more marriageable women…”

In a sense I understand the disappointment women feel about this, I felt the same way when I realized women with bikini model looks were not going for me. I am a good marriageable man, shouldn’t that alone attract the best looking women? "


 This is what you want:

This is what is looking for you:

This is what you think you look like:

This is what you actually look like:


Anyhow, back to marriage.
I agree with the priest...
I do :-)

I have never heard a woman use the words 'Lean on me' when talking to a man.
To a small child perhaps. I guess one can say that (telepathically) to a sleeping baby :-)

I realised recently, from speaking to a couple of men that I know, that there is something about a man which drives him to want to have others 'lean on him'.
That something is (mostly) missing in women where men are concerned.

Let's look at it another way.
In women, there is a need to 'lean' on someone. Preferably a man.
(This is why I know that all those single women who claim to be 'happy to be single' are not being completely truthful. But fair enough, I understand their reasons for doing it, and in may ways I cannot blame them).

This need to 'lean on someone' is (mostly) missing in men where women are concerned.

Now, having said all of the above, I do know of some women who are great at being leaned on by men. In fact, it is increasingly a feature of modern society.
I personally don't actually know many men who like to lean on women but I know they exist, of course.

A feature of women's love is therefore to 'lean on someone'.
It may look like a selfish kind of love to men, especially if this is not accompanied by her also 'bringing something to the table'...
So it really needs to be accompanied by something else she can bring to the table :-)

A feature of men's love is 'allowing someone to lean on them', no?
But for this to be done willingly by a man, he needs to know that a woman him to let her lean away, no?

I like this song.

But I think Bill Withers is talking to other men here. If he were talking to a woman, would he use these words?
I would be terrified if a man said to me: 'Soon I shall also need someone to lean on'.

This is the truth.

Women can 'protect' men in different ways from how men can protect women.
Men of course can 'lean' on women at certain times, in certain situations.
And both of these are 'legit'.
But the words 'protect' and 'lean' would not be the words that come to mind when I think about these ways that women can help men.
Hence my fear at the thought of hearing this from a man.
Would this be the equivalent of a woman asking a man to 'nurture' her, I wonder?

On the other hand, I would have no trouble trusting a man I am already attracted to, to protect me.
That feels more 'natural'. I can do that :-)

But what about men?
Can you trust a woman?
Really trust her?

I wonder if trust is a feminine quality...
Trusting completely in God, for instance.
Women are very aware of their weakness, at least their physical weakness.
Are we therefore in a better position to trust someone else, than a man, who is less likely to think of himself as 'weak' in any way?

Am I conflating issues?
If so, in what way?

One of the men I spoke to about 'trust issues' broke up with his girlfriend because he believed she did not trust him on an important issue to him.
Did her lack of trust equate lack of femininity to him?

If a woman is to respect a man, is the best way to do this to trust him?
I am beginning to suspect it is.

A male friend wanted to know just one thing from his girlfriend before he was 'sure' about her.
Did she trust him...

I never really knew all this until very recently.
It was a huge 'aha' moment for me.

Can the married ladies/ladies in LTR confirm this?
 And the gentlemen? What say you about trust?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's next?

What do we do with the evopsych stuff we have learnt after swallowing the Red Pill?

This is the question I have been asking myself a lot lately.
And it looks like I am not the only one!

At least two Manosphere bloggers that I have read have made me think more along those lines recently...

The first is TPM...
You know you've taken The Red Pill when...

I guess his list applies mostly to  men, although I certainly nodded when I saw one or two of those.
A few ladies added their own.
I nodded in agreement with those as well.

I could add a few of my own:

You know you've taken the Red Pill when...

1. You at least consider wearing 4-inch heels to the gym every time without fail, until you come to your senses and put on your trainers :-)
2. You start looking at people's hands not for evidence of piano-playing abilities but to check if they are 'high T' or not :-)
3. Anything that comes out of Hollywood instantly annoys you.
4. You get invited to a wedding and your first thought is: Have they both visited Athol's site yet?
5. Your brother says 'please' to you for the first time in his entire life and you wonder if he is turning into a massive beta on you :-)
6. You start rating everyone on the train according to SMV ranking, including yourself.
7. You feel an uncontrollable urge to cook for everyone in your vicinity.
8. You see a group of young people and you want to force-feed them The Red Pill, despite already being a pariah as a result of such tendencies.
9. You hear about a divorce and your first move is to ask if she wasn't 'happy' parrot-fashion, whatever the context you are given, Vicky Pollard style:

"Hannah and Jim are getting divorced."
"Is she unhappy?"
"It was Jim who asked for the divorce."
"Yeah but, no but, is she unhappy?"
"Jim is having an affair."
"Yeah but, no but, is she unhappy?"
"Jim moved out 5 months ago."
"Yeah but, no but, is she unhappy?"
"Jim says she got too fat after the twins were born."
"Yeah but, no but, is she unhappy?"

10. You go to church and you know exactly why there are no young men there.

It is funny how once you've taken this Pill, it pervades every area of your life.
It should come with a health warning, like all other pills :-)
Danny once said to me: 'There's no going back once you take this Pill'.
So true.
That means that unfortunately, I am stuck in this milieu for the rest of my life.
But I prefer this to Blue Pill ignorance.

I certainly now look at women with 'masculine eyes'.
And I look at men with 'hypergamous intent'.

I now know exactly why a woman might be struggling to find or keep a mate. I am still no expert, but give me 5 minutes with her and I might have a plausible answer.
I can spot alphas and betas more readily than before. Or rather, I can spot alpha and beta 'moments' in a man.
And when I see couples, I am 'reading' their interaction like an open book.
This is all exhausting, but fun :-)
With my resolve not to watch so much TV, I have to find other ways to entertain myself somehow :-)

Maybe this is an extension of my 'synaesthesia', but I also now see everything in terms of male and female, even inanimate objects. Of course, it could also be a function of European languages having a 'gender' for everything.

To me nowadays...
A piano is feminine.
A church organ is masculine.

A sunny, blue sky day is feminine.
Stormy weather with thunder and lightning is masculine.

A lake is feminine.
A mountain is masculine.

A kiss on the cheek is feminine.
A bear hug with the potential to temporarily decrease your lung capacity is masculine.


I always resolved to keep away from PUAs and their message. I felt it was a bit too 'male locker room' for me.

Even though I could see why their use of evopsych theories might help them in their quest...
Even though I understood why it is vital to know certain things about women. Things I did not know about my gender, and therefore about myself. But which I am glad I know now.

They do say though that once you start down that slippery slope, it's all the way down non-stop, or something to that effect.
I knew when I made a reference to Roosh on the post about foreign women that I had gone down a slippery slope...
And now well on the way of my descent I link to another PUA.
(God help me :-).
My hamster says it's OK, though, because this PUA is British.
And he is no longer a PUA anyway. He is a 'reformed PUA' or something. (Does this exist?).

I found this post very interesting. (Do excuse the colourful language beginning with the title!)
Before encountering The Manosphere, I would have concluded that this young woman was silent the whole time because she 'loved' this man. Simple as that. Or so my hamster would have had me believe.
My hamster, though, would have led me down the wrong rabbit-hole... again.
Apparently it is not so simple, as Krauser explains (like I am a 6 year old).
Fascinating stuff!

So my question is...

What do we do with all this knowledge we have acquired?
Does a man 'prepare' himself for the day when his wife goes 'EPL' on him, because, well, AWALT?
Does a woman accept cheating from her husband because well, men are subject to The Coolidge effect?
Should all fat women just hit the gym until they are a decent size again and not be seen nor heard from in the interim?
Should betas expect to keep getting the crumbs from their alpha brothers whilst they 'alpha up'?

How do we go from 'knowledgeable' to 'profiting from said knowledge'?
This is my first 'how' question.
I think I am done with the 'whys' now :-)

The following person was lucky enough to have taken the Red Pill in infancy...
But like me, he doesn't know what to do with his education of the third kind...
Can we help him out?


 Still waiting for answers...
This is tough...

 Having reached the grand old age of 3, still nothing...
 They said an education would provide some answers...
 OK, so that was an outright lie...

Right now, the priority is to fnd some answers before check-out time...