Monday, April 21, 2014

All about George

Erm, would it be controversial if I said the following...

I LOVE Prince George!

There, said it :-)

Well, he is not the only one, but that's another story.

I think it is fair to say that I adore little boys. They are a special group that I find fascinating. Perhaps it has come across in numerous posts I have written.
I also like little girls, of course, but I feel I know little girls more, having been one myself.

My utter fascination with little boys continues unabated.
I deny having Daddy or Mummy issues, but I may have 'little boy issues' :-)
Hm, is this some sort of reverse 'Oedipus complex' thing going on here?
Any psychiatrists out there? Your professional help is urgently needed over at The Sanctuary :-)

If I should go on to self-diagnose, or at least self-analyse, I would say that one of the traits of little boys that never fail to mesmerise me, is their amusing display of burgeoning masculinity that they either get amazingly right, or appallingly wrong, both scenarios being highly amusing in a sweet sort of way :-)
Equally amusing to watch a little girl twist Daddy round her little finger while you realise that 'this one's a pro'.

Utterly riveting to watch these little ones so frankly play out Nature's little games, and watch them become the adults they will one day be, right before our very eyes.

My history with this phenomenon goes way back.

From the toddler son of a friend who would stand (hands in pocket) looking up at the crucifix after Mass, surrounded by people begging God for favours, crawling about on their knees asking forgiveness, flagellating themselves in repentance (OK, OK, I exaggerate here!) this kid would give God 'the nod', you know, Joey style (as in 'Friends'):

So, Jesus, how are you doing today?

Priceless :-)

To this same kid when I used to babysit him telling me how we were going to spend our time together. (No, Auntie Spacetraveller, we are not sitting at home watching TV, we are going to the park and I am going at the swings, and you ain't yet seen the mother of all tantrums that I can pull off if you don't capitulate...)

Not so priceless ;-)

To two little brothers (sons of friends) insisting on showing Auntie Spacetraveller their little 'friends' when she was invited to dinner at their home one evening.
Yes, Auntie Spacetraveller has seen it all. And she wants her innocence back :-)

There is a spectrum of course. It's not all hilarious masculinity with little boys. There is also a vulnerability which is so touching, and which immediately detonates the 'aw' factor.
Who could resist Mark Lester's almost feminine baby face in 'Oliver', particularly this scene where he is singing 'Where is love' and you know he is torn between two impossibly unsavoury worlds - the Workhouse or the world of pickpockets, both of which would sooner chew him up and spit him out than show him love?
A veritable tear-jerker...


Back to Prince George ... being the introvert I am, I do not normally extol the virtues of extroverts. Um, except... free pass if you are a bonny little chappie, a prince to boot :-)

This kid can certainly pull off funny faces - I see a future in stand-up comedy as an aside to kinghood.
Now, quite unfairly, the British press already had a nickname for Bonny Prince George three weeks into his life.
A harsh one at that :-(

They called him 'HRH Grumpy' :-(
Apparently because he doesn't smile too much.
Not fair.

So he has an expressive face. Don't we want our future king to have an expressive face? Must we all be smiley all the time? Is that the new order of the day?

What's so grumpy about this face anyway? Why is it not pensive?

I mean, who put this ageing Spanish chick in charge of me? Whose idea was this? When I become king the first thing I will do is go to war with her country. Where are the hot Swedish au pairs? Why do kids of lesser status than My Royal Highness get better nannies than me? What's with that? Don't even get me started on the au pair thing. I ain't got none of that to even look at! And at my age, that 'pair' is actually vital to my survival, so don't judge me.

And they better not even be thinking about having me circumcised. Or I shall decree a circumcision of my own for whoever suggests it to my parents. It would be 'off with his head' quicker than you could say 'George Cambridge'.

Uncle Harry says 'aloof game' works every time. I think he's right. This New Zealand chick in front of me digs me. She might not be the only one. The one behind me has the hots for me too. Oooh I say, fetching headband, lady! Man, I own.

Yeah, I know he's 6 ft 4, but I am sure I could 'ave him!

That toy has my name written all over it. It's's mine...IT'S MINE! Get out the way, headband girl!

Who you looking at?

I think Prince George will be quite a character. His personality certainly seems to be a forceful one. Not a shy wallflower, this one :-)

I also think this:

The choice of nanny for him is a major turning point in British history. His nanny almost became a Catholic nun.
Nannies have a powerful role in the lives of their charges.
Prince George could become the first Catholic British King since Henry VIII's time.

You heard it here first!

And there could be all kinds of constitutional mayhem should he choose to become a Catholic priest.

Oh dear, my imagination is certainly running away with this one.

Time to stop :-)

What do you think of our future British king?
And what tributes for his great grandma whose 88th birthday it is today?

I'll start:

Happy Birthday Ma'am.
Thank you for your lifelong service to Britain and The Commonwealth and your dedication to both God, country and family.
Your long reign is already a record in our hearts and minds - to this end you don't really need to beat Queen Victoria's record of 63 years to be a winner for us.
You already are.

That your commitment to serving your country, devotion to your husband and steadfast faith in hard times and good will serve as a reminder to us all that there are goals to achieve - much bigger than our puny selves.

Happy birthday!

Um, if you are dishing out any extra honours on your Birthday Honours List, I just thought 'Lady Spacetraveller' might have a nice ring to it.

Just a thought :-)

Addendum 23/4/2014:

On this day, the feast day of St. George, patron saint of England, we toast all of you with the name George, Georgina, Georgia, Georg, Jorge, Giorgio and Giorgos :-)

Happy feast day!

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