Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fat kind of wonderful?

Well, it may not feel like it, as I am still freezing.

But my hamster tells me spring is on its way...
The snow will soon give way to...rain!

And for single gals everywhere, the best kind of rain is....

Man rain!!!!

Much as it sounds like I have turned into a hormone-fuelled, boy-crazy teenager, my interest in this song is two-fold....
1. It is Lent and the song contains the word 'alleluia', therefore it is kinda a religious song ;-)
Alright, even I don't believe this offering provided by my ever dutiful and tireless hamster :-)
2. (And this one is actually true. Promise):
I love the humour in this song.
I really do.
I don't know much about 'The Weather Girls', except of course that they are two fat women as can be seen in the above video.
The other thing I know about them is that their nickname is 'Two Tons o' fun'...
'Nuff said.
These women are fun. I love how (in this song at least), they seem to celebrate men just for the sake of it. I listen to this song and smile, (and ...aherm... I look at the video and smile, not for the gratuitous pics of nice-looking men, but) to join in the gratuitous celebration of something opposite to me.
The Weather Gilrs may be slightly salacious in their celebration of all things masculine...
But...who cares?
The important thing is, they appear to be genuinely, joyous, fun people.
Had I thought of it, I would have added them to my list of people that make me laugh.
And...it suddenly struck me that they induce in me a certain....déja vu feeling.
Whenever a woman or a group of women have been so 'larger than life', or indulged in so much genuine fun in total abandon like this, they have been....well... not exactly slim.
Am I just hanging out with the wrong kind of funny people?
This might be a good place to make a declaration of sorts.
I am not what one would call a 'fat apologist'.
I care too much about cardiovascular health to be.
Whilst I accept that we cannot all be swimsuit models, I absolutely believe that people should be the slimmest possible they can be, for their body type and genetics.
Therefore this is not an 'ode to fat women' - not by a long shot.
But still...observations are observations.
There is definitely a certain kind of fat woman who is irresistibly fun to hang out with. These women are everywhere, and perhaps in today's world where people are bigger than ever, their numbers are increasing.
They are born extroverts.
They really are quite literally 'larger than life'.
They are feminine, but not in the usual visual way.
They are usually exceptionally friendly and in a way, self-sacrificing.
They are also usually at the receiving end of rejection by 'men with options' - perhaps due to their weight? - and yet, they are usually the most 'man-friendly' types of women.
Those that are not rejected, usually are married to or are in relationships with men who are exceptionally caring.
Unfortnately, when these women lose the weight, they also lose this lovely personality of theirs.
It seems to me that their weight is absolutely tied to their persona.
It does not escape my notice that Maria Callas lost her wonderful voice the minute she lost weight.
The British comedienne Dawn French stopped being funny the minute she lost weight.
The actress Queen Latifah seems to be at her best when she is also at her heaviest (this one might be  a subjective example).
The soap actress Lisa Riley became a popular contestant in the celebrity dance competition 'Strictly Come Dancing' because of her weight. She is therefore in danger of killing the golden goose that laid the golden egg because this very activity caused her to lose (almost literally) a ton of weight...
Which is all very confusingly tragic.
Have you noticed these women?
Do you have any more observations about them?
Now this is where I part company with you (you, who are presumably still safely grounded in the land of logic and reality) and venture into the dodgy land of speculation and conjecture.
I think there is a massive (no pun intended) difference between 'flabby fat' and 'solid fat'.
Yes, I don't really know what I am describing here, but I think I am onto something...
All the women I have in mind who belong to the above category are 'solid'.
They look like they are genetically predisposed to their weight issues, as opposed to overfilling the frame which supports their bodies, with excess calories.
I used to be very confused about this, but now it is only mildly confusing:
Someone who is overweight but still looks 'in proportion' one part of the body relative to another is what I am clumsily calling 'solid fat'.
Everyone else who is overweight, but literally 'out of shape' looks 'flabby fat' even if in reality they are lighter than someone who is 'solid fat'.
I think this also explains why men get away with obesity more than women (aside from the cruel twist in attraction triggers where men are generally visual and women are mostly not): it is so much easier for a woman to get 'out of shape' than a man.
I think it is harder to maintain an hourglass figure than a barrel one.
But somehow, these 'solidly fat' women seem to manage this herculean task.
(And, also, men are generally taller than women, and therefore can 'take' more weight than women).
But the worst thing any woman can do, no matter what her size, is to have this facial appearance. The woman in this article is not stared at because she is obese, I don't think. I think she just seems at  odds with her immediate environment, with her demeanor - as several commenters pointed out.
Not every woman can be a 'smiler' all the time. But smiling is only one of many effective ways to portray 'approachable' and 'friendly'.
For some women, the most frequent 'chat up line' a man may use on them might be 'So what are so happy about?'
I bet 'The Weather Girls' may have been in this category in their time :-)
For others, (mentioning no names), it might well be 'Penny for your thoughts'.
Either way, I guess the goal is one and the same.
The way to skin a cat is indeed multiple...
No matter how fat the cat...



Enbrethiliel said...


But . . . we don't sing the Alleluia during Lent! ;-)

We may find out whether or not weight is tied to our own personae at the end of these forty days!

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, Spacetraveller! =D

Spacetraveller said...


"But . . . we don't sing the Alleluia during Lent! ;-) "

Blown my cover!

Welcome! And thanks for the Lenten book recommendation.

Hm, about weight...I am definitely crankier when my weight exceeds what is normal for me.

So with all the fasting that Lent entails, I am best behaved in this period of the year!

Come Easter, and all bets are off though.
And sadly, the gloves come off too, lol.