Thursday, January 15, 2015

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was…

Hot like this?
Cool like this?
Freak like this?
Fun like this?
Fly like this?
Fine like this?
Raw like this?

The pussycat dolls ask an important question…(I added some of my own adjectives by the way:-)
(May be NSFW)

Modest like this?
Chaste like this?
Feminine like this?


This post will be a short one, and is really a 'film review'.

I came across this delightful film recently, and liked it very much. In the aftermath of the 'Charlie Hebdo' massacres, it is a very important confirmation to me that it is one of the tasks of women (not men) to 'socialize' the world.

If two women from very different (and indeed opposing) cultures can get together like this, and unite just two families, imagine what could happen when larger groups of women form friendships like this.

But alas, it could be a more complicated issue than I make it out to be…

The full movie is here.

I like these two young women. They make my heart sing :-)
Each is beautiful in her own way, but neither feels the need to flaunt her beauty. It is there for all to see despite the modest clothing.
The pussy cat dolls are also beautiful. But their beauty seems to be 'in yer face'. I am sure men don't mind this :-) but this aggressive display of one's assets detracts from femininity somewhat, in my opinion.
In my search for examples of young women who 'make my heart sing', it seems a shame that I am yet to find a Catholic/Christian one who ain't already a nun...or a Duggan :-).
I shall keep looking, and in the meantime delight in my Jewish and Muslim sisters doing a good job of upholding the feminine standard. :-)
(If anyone has good examples of Christian girls behaving well, please send them my way. Go on, make my heart sing!)

The other point about this movie is that it shows my idea of 'hypergamy' to a tee. These two young ladies are from cultures where a marriage has to be approved by Dad, as a rule. Often arranged by Dad, (and Mum and the jenta, with the input of various aunties, lol) with some (read: only a little!) choice on the part of the girl.
And yet, neither of these two was going to settle for just anyone :-)
Poor old Nasira was sickened to come to the realisation that that old guy from Syria who had come to dinner was actually a suitor...for her. He was even older than her father!
I sympathise...Sure, that man would have been a good provider and all...but is provision all there is to marriage?

In the case of Rochel, it really was getting to the point where her parents were beginning to think it would be impossible to get her married off. Fussy? Understatement. This girl was the queen of fastidiousness :-)

Both girls wanted the best for themselves. Perfectly normal. As indeed should any person, male or female.

But…this 'quest for the best' stopped when they got married. This is how it should be.

Ceer came to my rescue in this post when I was trying to sell Game to a (latent) Game practitioner. Kind of like selling ice to an eskimo who doesn't see the value of ice :-)

Ceer said this:
When a woman says "I want a nice man", what she is really saying is:
"I want a man I find attractive who might also be nice from time to time."

I had previously said this:
[Re 'wanting a 'nice man'] What this means is, when she no longer has anything worthy to offer, she'll settle for the 'nice man' who has waited his turn patiently for years.

The reason we are both right is that, it depends on the woman who is talking.

If it is a woman like these two in the video above, then Ceer's statement applies.

If it is a woman like the woman below, then my statement applies, and even then, she won't treat him (nice man) well, as this video shows. I therefore agree with men who advise other men thus: Never ever be the 'nice man' for this type of woman.
It is of course perfectly OK to be a 'nice man' for the first type of woman, to whom Ceer's statement applies. Because you know she is already truly attracted to you, as opposed to 'settling' for you.

I shall let the narrator explain below just how unbelievably spoilt, and silly, the woman below is…

The mind truly boggles, as the judge demonstrates…

Heavens above, some people just do not know they are born. the nth degree!

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