Thursday, March 29, 2012

And the world dies another little death

It is rare to find a 'role model' younger than you.
But I did just that recently.

Albeit in sad cirumstances.
Similar to Sarah Burke, this young lady is no longer with us.

Why do we only hear about these beautiful people after they are no longer here?
And yet we are bombarded with the likes of  Kim K and 'Jersey Shore' every single minute of the day...

Something does not compute.
Something's not right.

Samantha Wopat is the subject of this post.
According to this artice and this one she was a 19 year old college volleyball player.
At 6 ft 1, she and identical twin Carly were imposing figures I would imagine.
They were both also academically gifted and were studying engineering.

The cause of her death was not disclosed.

What a loss to a twin, a family, a community, a nation, a world.

May she rest in peace.

Somehow it is hard to say this about someone who was only 19. Nineteen-year olds are not supposed to be 'resting'. That's for old people.

Somewhere, somehow a great guy lost his future wife.
I am reminded of something Bellita once said on another post:
"My husband was aborted before he was even born."

I sure do hope there is a higher purpose at work when things like this happen.

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