Friday, March 23, 2012

Did they not get the memo?

Have you ever sauntered in to a meeting at say, 10 am one day, only to find that you are like a half hour late and everyone looks at you with that look: didn't you get the memo? The one that said the meeting had been moved from 10 to 9:30?

Am I the only one this happens to?
I sure hope not :-)

One of the principles of this blog is that I don't write about me specifically, unless a specific detail about me is highly relevant to the post.
Here is one occasion where I shall use 'me' as a post subject in specific way to make a specific point.

Any woman who regularly reads Manosphere blogs knows that Rule number one is that men want feminine women.
It should be instinctive.
Same as women want masculine men.

But out and about, it seems there are so many women who simply didn't get the memo.
These women may be very beautiful. In fact they often are. Which makes it so much sadder.
Some are even in fact feminine in their behaviour.
I only know this because even if my interaction with them is of a short duration, I can tell, because I am a woman myself and I have trained myself to sometimes see other women with 'masculine eyes'.
It's fast becoming a fun-hobby of mine.

But I notice that a man will not usually get past a less-than-feminine exterior to go looking for a woman's feminine interior. Most men are far too visual for that.
Gentlemen, correct me if I am wrong on this!

If the outside of the house ain't appealing, he is not going to knock on the front door.
Most men if not visually stimulated will simply move on.
If he was a single, tall, dark, handsome, rich, intelligent, highly educated, sporty and eloquent man with Wim Diesel's physique, that's another one that got away :-)
Um, did I just give away my 'list'?
Just kidding...

I digress.
No woman is 100% feminie all the time. Not many women wear dresses and skirts and high heels all year round.
But it is possible to look and feel feminine even in trousers. It is a 'mind' thing. A mindset.
Very few women are 'born' like that, I have discovered.
Sometime in her life, the 'switch' occurs. It could be intrinsic. It could be in reaction to (cough, cough) 'external forces' :-)

I think I was a fairly feminine child. At least from old photos and what I can recall.
But I was definitely not the 'pink and princess' type.
Sure, I had the 'baby substitute'. It just wasn't a doll in pink.

Then I hit the growth spurt which took me a while to complete.
I was definitely a late bloomer.
I think until I was 20 no-one except my parents knew I was actually a girl.
Alright, that's a slight exaggeration...

When I was 11, I had to take a transatlantic flight sans adult. I was being sent to spend a holiday with some relatives and it was not possible to be accompanied by either parent or any other adult on the actual journey. So I was plonked on the plane and I was met at the other end by an adult.

At 11, I was already almost at my present height. I was in the middle of a growth spurt. I had short hair and I was skinny. I hadn't yet arrived on Planet Woman. In fact I hadn't even started the journey. I had the humble beginnings of a 'rack' (thank you Danny for expanding my vocabulary :-) but they were not yet visible through a jacket. My attire consisted exclusively of trousers and T-shirts. I was most definitely in the throes of a tomboy phase as I recall.

Going through the security check at the airport, the beep of the metal detector goes off. It may have been my belt or a bracelet or whatever.
A security guard needs to 'frisk' me.
Had I been accompanied, I reckon I would have been directed to a (gender-)appropriate security guard by my chaperone.
Being 11, and never having ventured too far from my familial environment, I did not see anything wrong in approaching the male security guy who beckoned for me to come forward to be frisked.
I got frisked.
He suddenly looked up at me and exclaimed: 'But you are a girl!'

Erm, I had never claimed otherwise. I looked back at him with a look that said, 'Well yes, I know that! Is this an offence that could get me arrested?'
It was not apparent to me at that age that I looked nothing like a girl. The hurried shuffling of me towards a female security guard was what tipped me off as to what had gone wrong.
No-one had guessed that I was in fact not a boy.
The only way the guard could tell I was a girl was because, can I put this in a delicate manner...his palpation of my corporal entity had yielded some unexpected results :-)
His grubby hands had found some mammary tissue-in-development.

At age 11, one could be forgiven for not exactly oozing femininity.
But at age 30? 35? 40?

Several times I have seen what looks like two men walking together. Only to get closer and realise with a start that one of them was a woman.
If short hair is 'unfeminine', a crew-cut hairstyle like the Marines have is definitely more so.
Tattoos are the other thing that seem to visually reduce one's femininity. Danny gives us an example here.

The other way femininity is being lost is the manner in which some women conduct themselves. Looking like a man is bad enough. Acting like a man is far worse in my opinion. The irony here being that it is often exaggerated in some weird type of compensatory mechanism akin to the exaggerated and often comical mannerisms of the male-to-female transsexual or the older man in drag or a comedian ala Dame Edna Everage (below).

Each to his own.
But I am beginning to see how as a woman, being feminine inwardly and externally is the way to go.
Because I am not 11 anymore.

I found this very funny video on a blog a while ago. I think it was a traditional Christian women's blog, believe it or not. This video though is anything but. Satirical doesn't even begin to cover it!
It should really be in my 'Shock factor' post because the irreverence here is just so shockingly outrageous it is downright hilarious.
Echoes of Eminem here, for sure.
At least you can't claim I didn't warn you :-)

I think Natalie Portman deserves the  'Best Actress' gong for this brilliant display of exemplary femininity!


Anonymous said...

I think everyone has a right to dress as they want, tattoo if they want, and behave as they want, as long as they harm no one else. The reality is that there are men out there who are attracted to women who are heavily inked, foul mouthed and non-feminine in every way. Different strokes for different folks.

Do I find that attractive? No.

Are men more visual? Yes, as an immediate type of attraction, but all the beauty in the world won't make an ugly personality or mind, worth it.

For some people, male or female, dressing to impress is not part of life, and that's fine by me, and should be fine by society. Generally, however, people judge by the cover, which is why we have cliches to remind us not to do that.

Your story about the airplane trip reminds me that humans place far too much importance on physical appearance, and far too little on what really counts, the character of the person. Perhaps this is why 'Quality seeks quality', meaning that a quality man or woman are more likely to peer below the surface attraction, to find out the true nature of someone they meet. If true, then this explains a great deal of human interaction: your self-identification as an outlier on the continuum of human behavior, your tendency to look beyond a guys looks, and your willingness to wait for the one guy that puts check marks in all or most of the boxes. Conversely, it could easily explain why divorce has become so popular, that people are more easily able to escape their mistakes in judgment.

Men in the pickup artist section of the internet describe how easy it is to learn how to find gorgeous women (9s and 10s) and take them to bed. Hey, if that's the goal, fine by me. I never did put notches on my bedpost, and I don't care if anyone else does. I also don't care if a woman's appearance is not dressed to the nines, but I do care that she is able to look like a woman.

Many years ago, I saw my (at the time new) wife wearing one of my button down shirts. It reached nearly to her knees, and she was just picking up clothing around the house. It took my breath away. Of course, I probably should note that she was wearing the shirt and panties, and nothing else, and her legs went ALL the way up...

Ahem. As a rule, there are probably a large majority of men who won't go past the first glance. That's their mistake, and also probably nothing I say will change that. I knew a young lady in school who was raped the first semester of her first year. All her friends supported her as best we could, but after she came back to school, she began to dress totally unlike herself. Very baggy sweatpants, big sweaters that hid her frame, very androgynous. She cut her hair, and no one said anything, no one thought she was wrong. Yet inside, she remained one of the most feminine and beautiful women I have ever met. It's also a good thing none of her male friends caught the rapist, we probably would still be in prison if we had.

The Manosphere points out, rightly or wrongly that women should do this or that, to attract males. Take it for what it is, a general piece of advice from those you might like to get attention from, as an entire gender. However, realize that all males are individuals as much as you are, and that certain modes of dress are not the best attractor for the type of male you want to attract. Same goes for men... some women just love the biker image, some women don't.

I say, dress yourself to please yourself. Behave as you want to behave, as long as you aren't harming anyone else. Speak as you wish to speak, understanding that people do judge your speech, regardless of that judgment being right or wrong.

The Navy Corpsman

Anonymous said...


Spacetraveller said...

"Any woman who regularly reads Manosphere blogs knows that Rule number one is that men want feminine women.
It should be instinctive.
Same as women want masculine men."

I'm very interested in this last sentence. Please, would all the women who post here, explain what a masculine man is, for them?

The Navy Corpsman

Spacetraveller said...

@ NC,

"Many years ago, I saw my (at the time new) wife wearing one of my button down shirts. It reached nearly to her knees, and she was just picking up clothing around the house. It took my breath away. Of course, I probably should note that she was wearing the shirt and panties, and nothing else, and her legs went ALL the way up...


Whoa! What did you have for breakfast today?


I am off to think about what masculinity means to me. I know what it means to me, but I just need to clean it up before I put my thoughts to paper, so to speak.

just visiting said...

My version of masculine is contested within the sphere, but I know what I like.

A masculine man has a purpose in his life. It's important to find this purpose, because the testing, wins, losses, and mastery of this purpose is what instils confidence in himself and his abilities. This allows for a core confidence that is outcome independent.

Leadership. A life skill that allows a man to fullfil his purpose, and and should he desire, the purposes of others.

I'm old fashioned. A man who doesn't stand for something will fall for anything. Principals, honour, integrity, loyalty and character define the difference between being a male and a being a man. (And it's a lot easier to just be a male, especially in this day and age.)

This one will get me flamed hard. Chivalry. Not forced. Not at the demands of others, but a gift bestowed on those whom the man chooses.

Bravery. No guts no glory. Though bravery can just as easily get you killed in some situations. Still, a potent mark of masculinity.

The ability to provide, protect, love and commit, should a man choose to marry.

Attractiveness. The power to persuade attract and secure the resources he wants or needs is a skill that is essential to a man. It's the ballance to the higher functions of a man. The primal.

Well, that's my interpretation of masculine. YMMV.

dannyfrom504 said...

You got genet up by an old dude. Lol.

dannyfrom504 said...

Felt up. Stoopid auto correct.

Spacetraveller said...

@ Danny,

He was so embarrassed when he realised his mistake. Poor guy!
I was too young to care. I guess at 11 I did not yet have a fully developed b*tch shield.
That came later when my 'rack' was complete :-)

@ NC,

What does masculinity mean to me?
(In the general sense - not necessarily my own choice of mate):
I concur with everything JV says above, and might I add:
Bill summed it up nicely elsewhere:
A nice mix of alpha and beta in the right order and in the right circumstances. Someone I can look up to, even if I don't fully understand him and his behaviours.

In the same way that farm animals can tell it's going to rain, I can 'feel' declining masculinity: I start to get hives.

Fortunately, none of you gentlemen who comment here has ever given me hives :-)
But then again, I wouldn't expect a Red Pill man to.

Even the Blue Pill men I know are mostly really masculine. But, as I tend to stay away from anyone who gives me hives, it's a self-correcting issue for me I guess.

Spacetraveller said...

@ NC,

I KNEW I had forgotten something...

Bill's 'Retrosexual code' under 'Just eat your soup and let her talk'.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting statements by Spacetraveler and Just Visiting. Thanks for your thoughts, and now, another question:

Back in the 70s and 80s, we (men) heard that women wanted sensitive men. I knew PLENTY of men who went to seminars and learned how to cry. All of them have been divorced at least once, by women who told them in the 80s and 90s that they wanted men who were 'strong'.

From your definitions of masculine (by the way, I believe men should define their masculinity for themselves), it seems that at least two women in this universe prefer a traditional male. Here's the question, finally... is your opinion based more on a rejection of personalities you have encountered, or more on a positive role model? Or is it a third source?

Masculinity is a nebulous thing, and rarely do two people fully agree on a definition, much less across gender lines. Same goes for femininity, but I would never presume to define for a female how she should behave or dress or anything. All I can do is claim she seems feminine to me. Not much help, but my wife has it in spades.

But relating back to the subject, no, women do not always act, or appear feminine, but the ones I have historically been attracted to, KNOW how to be feminine. And if you ask me how they know that, I'm going to refer you to 'circular logic'.

I know how to be THIS man. That's all I can be, all I ever wanted to be, all I will ever be. If that's good, then great. If not, hope you have a good life. That's been my attitude for almost 50 years. Like I said before in another post, my wife happened to be on a path that was very close to mine. She will argue with me about this til the day one of us dies, but I'm the lucky one.

Besides, even a man's dress shirt is sexy as hell on a woman, when it's YOUR woman.

The Navy Corpsman

P.S. Just Visiting... bravery is, as bravery does, to paraphrase Mr Gump. Anyone can be brave, from a distance. Ask the guy who I saw put his hands on HIS wife, at a party, in anger. I helped him take them off her. He tried to press charges on me, til his wife was listed as a witness. She got rid of his ass, quickly too. Sure, bravery might get you dead, but we all die. How you die does not matter much, but how you live is everything.

The Navy Corpsman

just visiting said...

In my description, I tried to encompass as many archtypical masculine qualities as I could muster. I find that the sphere can be very narrow in it's definition, allowing only alpha male attractiveness, and little else. This has bothered me, because this filters out many masculine qualities, and therefore, filters out too many men. (Beta traits are part of the masculine. I wont cut them out of the equation)

Your point about men defining masculinity brought up some interesting points at Bellita's.
Some of us wondered why the men in the sphere only regarded a man as alpha if he was alpha with women, but beta if he was alpha with men. Masculinity by manosphere standards was being set by what women found attractive. (Some women)

Which in a strange way, ties into ST's post about masculine minded women. IMHO There are more versions of alpha. There's male alpha (alpha of men) alpha male (alpha of women) and alpha/alpha (alpha of both). Not only do we notice other versions of alpha, our attraction cues may lean to one or all versions.(Hence the geeks. Bill Gates would be an extreme case of male alpha. The tech trade is full of them.)

I'm being even more heretical in my description of masculinity by daring to add the beta, and higher functions.

For the record, I had a crush on Alan Alda as a kid. But I'm also willing to admit that I'm not typical. The men that I've been attracted to have encompassed all three versions of alpha, and beta traits are male nurturing traits. They're necessary in relationship.

I wonder, sometimes, if the problem some men and women have with beta traits is not so much the traits, but their application. supplication and people pleasing as oppossed to giving from a place of confidence and love. (Women run into this problem with their nurturing traits too), and I beleive that this is why feminists are so loathing and contemptuous of femininity. They view it as weak, not unlike the manoshere views beta traits. But, I'm in dangerous heretical territory, so, perhaps I'll leave it at that.

As for male role models, many of the men on my mothers side of the family encompassed the traits that I listed in my archtypical description of masculinity. My father was a dark triad alpha male.

Spacetraveller said...

@ JV,

You are so right about certain women looking for evidence of a man showing alpha traits with other men, not just with women.
In a sense any man can display alpha traits with women. The real test of his masculinity is, can he square up to his own gender? That's what's going to impress a discerning woman more. Not all women require this in their man, but for those who do, it seems to be a crucial element. Each to his own.

Also, great summary of alpha and beta traits.
I must admit, when I say 'alpha', I actually mean a man who has both alpha and beta traits in equal measure, and when I say 'beta', I mean a man who only exhibits beta traits and is therefore oversupplicating in the manner that gives me hives.

@ NC,
"Here's the question, finally... is your opinion based more on a rejection of personalities you have encountered, or more on a positive role model? Or is it a third source?"
No third source.

Sure, a man should define his own brand of masculinity. Some woman somewhere WILL find it compatible with her desired brand of masculinity.
Same goes for a woman defining her version of femininity for herself. The only problem is when supply does not match demand.

Then it becomes a question of how much one believes in one's position on things. How much conviction one has in one's own hype.
Tough call. But it can be done right.

Anonymous said...

Spacetraveller said...

"Sure, a man should define his own brand of masculinity. Some woman somewhere WILL find it compatible with her desired brand of masculinity.
Same goes for a woman defining her version of femininity for herself. The only problem is when supply does not match demand."

Oh mah Gawd. Please reread your own words, and realize that you just hit the nail directly.

In this context, supply NEVER meets demand, Miss Spacetraveler. Where are all the good men/women? They're still out there, but just like 50, 500 or 5000 years ago, they're very difficult to find, and some men/women figured out that wading through 10,000 non-quality to find one quality potential mate/spouse is just too damned hard. Believing in oneself isn't too difficult, but as you point out, squaring that with another person makes for a serious challenge.

Part of the problem is with this last wave of feminism, and not in a misogynistic knee jerk fashion, but a thoughtful and careful consideration of the remolding of society. If the end game is female superiority in a legal sense, better education for females than for males, and a general degradation of males for being male, then feminism worked. If the end game was simple equality in all things, we all lost. More to the point, the end game has made fewer men willing to commit to any kind of relationship, fewer women willing to allow their own natural instincts for motherhood/long term relationships to come to fruition.

just visiting said...

"Your point about men defining masculinity brought up some interesting points at Bellita's.
Some of us wondered why the men in the sphere only regarded a man as alpha if he was alpha with women, but beta if he was alpha with men. Masculinity by manosphere standards was being set by what women found attractive. (Some women)"

Got a link? To be honest, much of what I have read on Manosphere concentrates on getting laid. Back in my youth, we had terms like "Man's man" and stuff like that. Alpha, I suspect is a very narrow definition of masculinity, for a very narrow point of view. If that's what they want to define themselves with, that's ok by me, and if they want to sex their way through life, it's not my business.

Sure, there are different definitions, and admittedly, some of those self-definitions are going to horrify you female outliers. I read something just the other day, about 'starter wives', defined by the reality that marriages today stand a 1 in 2 chance of ending before 10 years. That's from a 21 year old American college student.

Alpha, Dominant, Leader... notice these are all Patriarchal type terms to describe male character? Men SHOULD define their own masculinity, but they should also realize that women have their own criteria on that subject. Unfortunately for you and Spacetraveler and women like you, there are far too many women willing to accept one night stands as relationships; such allow those women to continue on their lives that feminism has outlined for them, therefore many men never go looking for anything more.

"But, I'm in dangerous heretical territory, so, perhaps I'll leave it at that."

Yeah, well, we can always refuse to run our lives according to their social dystopia. It's kind of fun to mess with new wave feminists, they really show their antisocial character so easily. Misandry and misogyny must be exhausting.

The Navy Corpsman

just visiting said...

@ NC

I have a heck of a time trying to link in the blog comments box. The conversation hasn't been fully developed, (As it's usually been off topic), but I recall that it's been brought up in Bellita's Written In The Stars comments.

The sphere defines it's masculinity as it will. When in Rome...But I was asked for my definition. I think that it's a definition that that fulfills the 6 human needs.

dannyfrom504 said...

I'm sure your sweater cows are superb Love.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, Just Visiting. Men should be very aware of how women in general define their attraction to masculinity. What I'm saying to men is, do not allow any woman to define your masculinity. You are what you is, to quote Zappa, and changing yourself RADICALLY to meet some standard of some random person you've met, is not a smart thing to do. This applies for both women and men, and yes, I'm quite aware that such behavior will make connections with others more difficult.

There is an old saying that men marry expecting that a woman will never change, and she does, while the converse is that women marry expecting a man will change, and he never does. That may have worked somewhat, 50 years ago, but society has changed a great deal in those 50 years. The point is, changing yourself should be your choice, decision, and based very little on meeting the expectations of someone else.

My wife loves to tell the story of how she decided to ask me to marry her. We were on a date, I think it was an early movie then late dinner. Anyway, whatever the movie was, we were discussing it over dinner, when I said something that tipped the scales:

"Married people should never ask their spouse to change, and married people should WANT to change to please their spouse."

To this day, I agree with what I said, but I'll be damned if I can remember saying it. Apparently, according to Spacetraveler and my wife, I spout these little treasures of advice without even being aware that I'm doing it. I'm working on that... it's not one of my strong points.

The point is, marriage is give and take, and same for an LTR that may lead to marriage. But it cannot be a one way street, or something bad may happen. But it all begins with understanding that a man does not define femininity and a woman does not define masculinity, for their partner. What they DO define, is what kind of feminine or masculine behavior attracts them. And not paying attention to that fact, from a spouse/significant other, can lead to disaster. The other night, I watched a comedian on TV who talked about picking up a woman who stopped him three times from advancing the makeout session. She told him later she WANTED him to force himself on her, that she WANTED him to be super aggressive. It turned her on, to feel that she was so attractive that a man would lose control. He said, "But that's rape!" and she agreed, but that she liked it.

Being a rapist does not make a male masculine. It makes him a criminal. Women may like aggressive male behavior, but no man I know is willing to cross that line into forced sex.

Your statement was that the Manosphere regarded a male as alpha if alpha with women, but beta, if alpha with men. This seems totally illogical in that a man who is alpha with men, by definition should not be a beta at all. I pointed out the old term of "Man's man" and the "Woman's man", and of course, both are desirable if you want to be a leader in some way. These PUA guys define their own masculinity by what attracts certain women, ok, sure. If that's what they want, fine by me. Definitely not MY style, never has been, and before I was married, I was pretty popular with ladies. But again, my goal was not to sleep with ten thousand women, but to find one woman with whom I could sleep ten thousand times.

The Navy Corpsman

just visiting said...

Wise words NC. Very wise.

Spacetraveller said...

@ NC,

Agree with JV.
I say keep talking :-)

I am lapping it up. And anyone else who wants good, opinions!
(Hehe, I remember, you don't give free advice, right ?)

Anonymous said...

@ ST, NC, and JV:

I see a breakthrough.

Athol Kay at MMSL makes the case for a balance of Alpha (assertive) and Beta (supportive) to make for a successful LTR.

Red Pill Women are looking for me who are both Alpha and Beta, in proper proportion to the situation.

Modern feminism seeks to wring out the Alpha qualities in all men, leaving nothing but Beta supporters (girlfriends with penises).

Plenty of young women are attracted to the assertive men, because they already have girlfriends (and want penises separately packaged). Hence the success of the Alpha / No Beta jerks.


Spacetraveller said...

@ Bill,

In a round-about way, all feminism has achieved is the rise of the über-alpha guy, the one who will dig his heels in ala 'Sinnataggen'.
Killed off Mr 'Nice Guy' who had the beta qualities.

Question: If 'Game' is the antidote to feminism, could men view feminism as a (gulp) blessing in disguise?
Because without feminism, no-one would need 'Game', right?
Or is this an absurd question?
That is to say, just because a problem has spawned a great solution that becomes a silver lining does not mean the problem was a good thing to begin with?

Are there men out there who are of the opinion that feminism was not such a bad thing afterall, because it gave birth to The Manosphere which is connecting men all over the world in a way never before seen in previous generations...?

Or do you think The Manosphere would have come into existence purely because of the internet and is nothing to do with feminism?

Rasana said...

@ ST

The internet's advent would in time generate branching complexity. Fields of Manosphere blogs and forums would spring up in an alternate universe without feminism, albeit at a slower pace.

Men want to solve problems and the internet attracts cerebral problem solvers first to digest the problem and spit out stratagems. "For Men" blogs would spring up, as would garden or baking forums. Relationships are very key to humanity after all.

For the men who do claim that extremist, adversarial, Western feminism was "not so bad" because it spawned the Manosphere, they are fucking manginas of the shittiest order.

What loving and self-respecting man with a brain and heart (+emotional sensors) would ever wish for the suffering brought on by frivolous divorce, child abuse, broken families, broken hearts, expired eggs, 2 generations of gender relations degradation ala shithole, atomized social bonds and spiritual despair?
What man would weigh those pains against the nascent Manosphere and still claim the cost is worthy?

With feminism, men IRL and online have spawned a more insidious fermentation of dark experimentation and objectfying attitudes (esp. among the PUA blogs, not that they're bad or WRONG!) that need not have had the gender changes since the 50s been more moderate and less extreme. If only some bored Jewish bitch actually used her heart more...

The only constant in the corporeal plane is change. Without feminism, men would still need, seek, invent and share practical methods to solve their problems, whether to get laid or married. Without feminism, we may not have this incarnation of 'Game' but something inevitably more moderate than now.

And if anything is a 'problem', then it's bad IMO, because it hurts people. Esp. innocents. And Game is not an antidote to feminism's poisons, nor is it a panacea. Game, a primary part of the greater Masculinity discipline growing online, is a new paradigm that opens your masculine eyes.

ST, how dare you.

Spacetraveller said...

Welcome to The Sanctuary.

You make good points, I accept.
I hope you also accept that my question needed to be asked.

Someone made the point ages ago that some men really benefited from femininsm. That is undoubtedly true.
I mean, if you are a man of dubious character, how awesome would it be to have two generations of women flinging themselves at you without you so much as buying dinner, let alone marrying them!
With feminism, the 'bang to buck ratio' (God, I still can't get over this term!) has gotten way higher than ever before in history, and I imagine there are men everywhere celebrating this...
Can I blame them?
There are always people who will take the low hanging fruit.
Sure, this does not apply to all men (I don't subscribe to the apex fallacy either) but...
I am glad someone (you) has reiterated the point that Game is about real manhood rather than a reaction to society's ills.
Somehow that's reassuring to me, ya know?
Consider this: women want masculine men. The definition of masculinity varies from man to man. I really want to believe that the majority of men are the right kind of masculine (eg. what you describe above). Women will 'follow' masculine men but if the brand of masculinity being offered is of a questionable variety, they will get nervous. I know I will.
So expect questions now and again to 'check' things are as they should be.
This is no 'fitness test', I assure you.
If ever there was a 'non-negotiable' this is it.

Listen, the village is a safe place. It may be messed up, but it's a safe place. If I leave the village for any reason I HAVE to know it's worth it.
I bet you many Red Pill women will feel the same way.

Rasana said...

@ ST

Blame scum for acting as scum and fucking anything that moves? No, scum will act as scum are.

The tragedies start when men of good character abandon their initial morals and behaviors and have to play the Game, just to get any intimate action with females.

For the past, say, 2 generations, a lot of boys in the West have been brought to behave and pedestal-ize girls, since parents and teachers (predominantly female in the elementary lvl, no question) have raised them to be nice guys.
But when boys grow up, their relationships fizzle or never even materialize since there is a massive gender social disconnect of what the girls say and what they do, or chose to do (pun intended).
We are talking about men in their prime, getting shut out when they act as taught. They turn to extreme methods and personal transformations in order to get any action.

For men, it's painful to swallow the red pill, to open your eyes to the fact that you were blatantly LIED to all your life by authority figures. The boys weren't taught well, and their elders know no better because they failed to be mature adults.

Mature adults would filter the context of new ideologies and uphold good social values. We haven't done this, because of PC. How sad that the degradation of the West has failed so because of so much schooling, but not enough stark-honest education.

(That's why we should whack ideological fanatics and their disciples. Bad teachers and parents are collaborators, just like the Nazi collaborators in the occupied nations. And we know what happened to them.)

But, women will suffer more under radical feminism than men. We did not need this radical flavour of feminism to poison and pit young girls against boys, "bicycle/fish" etc...

But it happened.
Some girls may chose to focus on their careers above all else. That's their right.
But the tragedy is that most girls do want to start a family.
Many of these girls are shuffled through 4 years + of university and several years of a job, but they've wasted time and undeveloped skills that would get them what they want. Children. A life partner.

And we know that a woman's fertility is limited. It's NOT still ok at age 40, or 45. IMO, age 35 is already risky.


It's ok for women to test the character of a man. I suspect this is how it's always been. The sad part is that boys are NOT raised to expect and handle these subtle signals, which led to feelings of failure for the guy and frustration for the girl.


The village's integrity and safety is one of degree. You may claim it's still safe now.
I don't.
It's not just gender stuff, most women rely on the labour and output of regular men to sustain this system.
The economy won't last long. The sky's falling.